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Lawrence Robson / Bronwyn Bowslaugh (Alternate)

GM Benefit Rep

Lawrence Robson is the benefit rep at GM. Lawrence can assist GM members and Retirees  with benefits questions which includes: Life Insurance, Healthcare, Tuition Assistance, Dental and Eye care.  The benefit information on this website is a summary of your coverage and is intended as a quick reference only.

  • Monday to Friday from 6:30 am – 2:30pm at GM
  • Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm at the Union Hall.

905-641-6444 in plant 905-658-7952 Cell

GM uses four different companies to administer employee benefits, for more information click on the tabs on the left side of this page. GM Benefits Centre, looks after pension information, tuition forms, change of beneficiary forms and dependants. Sunlife Insurance,  provides coverage for  Sick & Accident Insurance. Green Shield Canada, provides coverage for, vision, dental & hearing as well as  drugs and all extended health care benefits. CanAssistance provides Out of Province/Country Insurance Coverage asr Trust /Green Shield Canada, Retiree Benefits

  • For Healthcare benefits such as Dental, Vision, Orthotics etc go to Green Shield

Brand Name Drugs

If your doctor determines you need a specific Brand name Drug and your prescription has been rejected by Green Shield you should ask your doctor to fill out a Drug Special Authorization form and contact the Benefit reps for assistance.

  1. Go to
  2. When Green shield website opens, on top right hand corner you will see 3 White lines. Click to expand.
  3. Select, Provider Connect
  4. Click on What you need
  5. Click on Pharmacy provider
  6. Click on Drug authorisation form
  7. Display using, select Brand Name Drugs
  8. Select, first letter of drug
  9. Click on name of drug from list
  10. When form comes up print it off should be three pages
  11. Ask your doctor to fill it out and bring the form to the benefit rep who will send it to greens shield
  • green-sield-canada-logoGreen Shield Canada

1-888-711-1119 Out of Province Coverage, Canada & the U.S.A. call (1-800-936-6226 – group number is #9623 for Active and #5027 – for Retirees)  Out of Province Coverage, Outside Canada & U.S.A. (0-519-742-3556) Website

 Green Shield Forms click on the following links to download claim forms:

  1. Durable Medical Equipment
  2. General submission claim form
  3. Out of Province Brochure


  • Coverage for up to $240 for medical transport ( ground ambulance, site of incident to hospital)
  • Normally bill is sent to you, submit bill and a general claim submission form to Green Shield
  • In most cases, there will be a second bill mailed out.  Call the provider to let them know that you have submitted the bill to Green Shield for review.  Green Shield only pays out the Providers once a month
  • If you need assistance call benefit rep @ 905-641-6444

Child Care

  • Child Care expanded to include coverage for For-Profit regulated and registered daycare facilities:  $16 on full-day benefits for ages 0-6, $9 on half-day and before/after school benefits, annual maximum of $3,000 per year, per eligible child.
  • Child Care Subsidy of $9 per day for dependent children age 3 and up to and including 10 who do not qualify for subsidized daycare.


  • Maximum Benefit is $3,000 per person each benefit year (October 1st – September30th) for basic services, crowns and major services combined.
  • Dental Fee Guide, 1 Year rolling lag, effective January1st 2017 (ODA or licenced denture therapist schedule of fees)
  • Basic Services, 100% of eligible dental expenses
  • Crowns, 50% of eligible dental expenses
  • Major Services, 50% of eligible expenses
  • Orthodontic, 50% of eligible expenses (to a lifetime maximum of $3,600 per covered dependent under 21)
  • Dental Implants (NEW) 50% of eligible expenses for standard implantology including the structure, installation and crown (initial replacement)
  • A Dental hygienist will be recognized as a dental provider.
  • Please have your dentist submit to Green Shield a predetermination form, which is an explanation of entitlement coverage’s. This will avoid any hidden costs.

Durable Medical Equipment

  • Continue Glucose monitoring systems added to an annual maximum of $1,600.

Drugs, Prescription

  • Reimbursement of 90% of eligible expenses
  • 100% after you incur $310 for out of pocket expenses
  • Coverage limited to the cost of lowest priced generic drug (or brand name drug if lower) drugs listed on the “Controlled Drug Formulary” or by special authorization.
  • 90% of the actual dispensing fee, to a maximum of $9 per prescription
  • Over the counter Drugs are not covered (other than certain life sustaining drugs)

The federal government introduced a rule that medical plans covering OTC drugs, even with a prescription, will lose their tax-exempt status. In such a case, all health care benefits would become taxable to the employee. To avoid this problem, effective January 1, 2013, OTC drugs, other than certain life-sustaining drugs, will no longer be covered under the health care plan. A schedule of life-sustaining drugs will continue to be covered, including insulin, nitrates, allergy serums, injectable vitamins, diabetic testing agents, needles and syringes and vaccines.

Hearing Aid

  • Reimbursed if 36 months since last hearing aid claim Covers cost of hearing aid (on the body, in the canal, completely in the canal, digital and programmable aids)
  • Dispensing fees and repairs of hearing aids from dealer and repairs Pre-authorization for hearing aids and repairs.


If you are hospitalized your coverage is limited to ward rates, it is important when you are being admitted when asked or filling in forms you tell the hospital staff you have ward coverage.

  • If you say you have private or semi-private coverage you will be billed the difference. 

  Click the link for explanation letter from ASR Trust:  GM asrTrust Hospital Benefit Explained Feb 2024

In Home Nursing Care, RN or RPN)

  • Reimbursement under such coverage will be the amount charged to the patient for such service up to a maximum of six (6) hours per day, up to an annual maximum of $7,500.
  • The nursing services of a registered nurse (RN) or a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN)
  • In addition, reimbursement for the services of a Personal Support Worker (PSW) at $25 per hour to a maximum of five (5) hours per week, commonly known as a homemaker or health care aid, is an eligible benefit under the following conditions;
  • When prescribed by a physician,
  • The PSW has a certificate from an accredited program and is employed by a provincially recognized, bonded health care provider.
  • When used in conjunction with the in-home nursing care services of the RN or RPN described above
  • Benefit re-imbursement for in-home nursing and PSW (combined) will be limited to an annual maximum of $12,000

Long Term Care and Chronic Care

  • The maximum payable after January 1, 2011 is $1,200 monthly.
  • Current monthly maximums will continue for those residing in a Long Term Care Facility before January 1, 2011.
  • Effective January 1, 2014 the maximum long term care rate for new entrants will be reduced from $1,200 to $800 per month.
  • Current residents of long term care facilities and those entering prior to January 1, 2014 will remain at current coverage levels (Long Term Care covers current active members).


  • Braces: coverage with prescription from physician are limited by cost.  Air casts: coverage with prescription from physician, Note: is limited by cost.
  • Insulin Pumps: up to $1,000 every 5 years Insulin
  • Infusion Pump: Eligible dependent children age 18 and under with Type 1 diabetes will be eligible for an insulin infusion pump benefit allowance, once every 5 years, to a maximum of $5,500 when prescribed by a physician. Eligible dependent children age 18 and under will also be eligible for an insulin infusion pump supplies to a maximum of $250 per month. The insulin infusion pump allowance for all others has been increased from $800 to $1,000 once every 5 years.

Paramedical Services

  • Chiropractor, $25 per visit to a maximum of $465 each benefit year.
  • Chiropodist,/Podiatrist, $11.45 per visit to a maximum of $325 each benefit year
  • Massage Therapist, $45 per visit to a maximum of $200 each benefit year. (no Doctor referral needed)
  • Naturopath, $25 per visit to a maximum of $325 each benefit year.
  • Registered Clinical Psychologist or Master of Social Work (MSW), $75 per visit to a maximum of $700 per calendar year. Master of Psychology recognized for counselling services.
  • Speech Therapist, up to $1,100 per calendar year (including up to $125 for the initial assessment)
  • Physiotherapist, (NEW) $50 per visit to a maximum of $200 each benefit year (need doctor referral)

Orthotics, Preferred Provider List

Custom-Made Foot Orthotics Coverage: Maximum $400 toward the purchase of two(2) pair of custom-made foot Orthotics in any 36 month period. $325 if only purchasing 1 pair.  A written Doctors Referral is requiredPreferred Providers: Orthotics must be purchased from a Provider who is part of the Carrier’s Preferred Provider Network Service. The list for our area is posted on our website under the GM Unit Benefits Tab or check on the Green Shield website under the Approved Health Services Provider Tab on the Green Shield home page. You can come into the Benefit’s office to review the list.  Orthotics Preferred Providers Niagara Area

P.S.A. Test

Age 50 years or older $15

Shingrix Vaccine

  • two (2) injections in a lifetime
  • 10% co-pay
  • Dr. service fee (if applicable) not covered

Vision Care

  • Routine eye exams up to $85 every 24 months (if OHIP plan excludes coverage)
  • Plan Maximum depends upon lens type (once every 24 months per person)
  • Single Vision, $270 for  lenses and frames, $280 for contact lenses
  • Bi Focal, $325 for lenses and frames,
  • Multi focal, $395 for lenses and frames
  • Laser Eye Surgery, $450 for laser eye surgery (one time)

If a person has diabetes or other medical conditions, you will need a letter from the optometrist or ophthalmologist for coverage for the lenses when required. . Any person reimbursed for laser eye surgery will not be eligible for any other reimbursement under the Vision Care Program for a period of 48 months. Eye exams are covered by OHIP for people 19 and under and 65 and over, once every 12 months from the last exam. Anyone with the following conditions; diabetes mellitus, glaucoma, retinal disease, amblyopia, visual field defects, corneal disease, and stabismis, are eligible for an OHIP exam.

It’s a good idea to shop around for cataract surgeons since some in Ontario charge “predatory” prices for services not covered by OHIP, says a study from St. Michael’s Hospital. While OHIP covers the cost of cataract surgery and implantation of an artificial lens, some ophthalmologists charge an extra $358 to $2,790 for special lenses that also correct far-sightedness and astigmatism.

Toll Free Numbers Hewitt Associates,


GM Benefits Centre Log in

Password (GM Canada Benefit Centre)

To retrieve information about your benefits you need to be able to access the GM Canada Benefit Centre. On this website you can see your coverage, order forms, change beneficiaries, find out about your pensions and your health care benefits. Before you can access all of this information you need to set up a phone PIN # and password. It is important that you set this up as soon as possible as it is only a matter of time before you will need this so might as well set it up now.  If you have not already established a User ID or Password, you must contact the GM Canada Benefits Centre at the phone number below and establish a temporary Password by regular mail before you can set up a User ID or use the new e-mail option. Once you have the temporary password you can change it online.

Lost or Forgotten Password

If you have lost or forgotten your password, the GM Canada Benefits Centre has added the ability to reset your security Password by e-mail. The temporary Password can now be sent to your e-mail account within 15 minutes of the request.

Contact Information

To contact the GM Benefit Centre and set up your User ID and/or e-mail address, simply call toll-free 1-877-442-4625  Representatives are available Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm Eastern Time. If you are calling from outside North America, you can reach the GM Canada Benefits Centre at 1-847-883-0745. Note that there will be a charge for this call or ask either the pension or benefits rep to help you.

GM Benefit website:    (Internet Explorer doesn’t work with the Benefits Centre website.  Try alternate web browsers (i.e., Chrome, Edge)

Health Care Trust (GM Retiree Benefits)

All GM retirees should have received a letter (December 2021) explaining the improvements to the Retiree benefits package provided by ASR Trust.  The benefit improvements will start in January of 2022.  Gord Graham normally provides an update on our benefits to the retirees, due to COVID Gord made the following video so he could explain the benefit coverage in a safe manner. If you have any questions regarding the video or the retiree benefit package please contact the GM Benefit rep., Lawrence Robson 905-641-6444.

Click here to watch the video  (January 2022)

The benefits for GM retirees is provided by the  asrTrust. The benefits are different from active employees click on the following link to see a summary of the changes    GM RETIREE BENEFITS Comparison Jan.01.2022  Before you retire it is advisable to talk to the benefit rep to review your benefit needs.    You will also need to consider if you will need optional health care coverage for travel insurance. If you plan to be out of the provide of Ontario for longer that 30 days you have the option to purchase additional coverage up to 150 extra days. To see the costs and coverage click  Travel Insurance. (rates may have changed – call IAT Travel to confirm the rate – 1-855-722-0472) The good news about the retiree benefit GM has paid all the funding committed to the fund which has approximately 2.1 billion dollars, this is enough funding to cover health care benefits for current and future retirees until 2070.

To cancel your travel insurance, contact IAT Travel before August of the year you would like to cancel the insurance.  Renewal date for travel insurance is October 1st.

Legal Services

Retirees from GM have Unifor Legal Services for more information call 905-641-1313

Any retirees or future retirees who have questions about their coverage should contact either the benefit rep or pension rep.

Retiree Benefits ASR Trust Booklet – January 1, 2022 updated

2022 Updated GM ACTIVE to RETIRED BENEFITS Comparison

Important Notice’s

Tuition Deadline. General Motors Tuition Refund applications must be received by GM Benefit Centre on or before March 31st for the previous calendar year. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Lawrence Robson. 905-641-6444

Scholarships and bursaries applications are available in January. Deadline for submission is May 24th

Dependant Certification,  Members with children between the age of 18 and 25 will be receiving a dependant certification request from GM benefits Centre in the mail. Members who have subscribed to the GM benefit centre online and provided an e mail address will receive an e mail to your secure mailbox on the website. In either case it is imperative that you respond and verify your children are still dependants to maintain their eligibility. Should you require any help in responding please call us.

Legal Services ULSP

Unifor GM members have a legal service plan that covers a variety of legal fees such as wills and power of attorney and real estate fees. .  If you want to use a different lawyer they may charge you more than your coverage under the plan, we advise you check before you proceed with a non Unifor Lawyer. Contact Unifor Legal services, 55 King Street, 2nd Floor (corner of King and Queen Street) St. Catharines 905-641-1313 Retired workers are entitled to coverage for legal services.

Members hired on or after September, 2016 become eligible for Legal Services upon completion of their 8th year of service and will end at retirement.

Unifor Legal Services

gm family

GM New Vehicle Purchase Program

GM Members, retirees and family members are eligible for discount on new GM vehicles.  Members who want to purchase a new GM vehicle need to get an authorization number from GM.  This needs to be done online. If you have set up an account number, go to  GM Family First and enter your user name (e mail address) and password.

If you have not set up an account Go to GM Family First and set up your account, you will need your GMIN # and will be a asked to provide some personal information and create a security question.  Make sure you keep this information as you will need it when you login.

Once you have logged in at Select Get Started, then New Vehicle Purchase, then select Obtain Authorization, you need to enter your date of birth, postal code (only the numbers) , relationship of the purchaser, then select review and confirm, then Get Authorization number.

Company Driven Vehicles

If you are interested in a Company Driven Vehicle,  Go to GM Family First and log in,  select Get Started, then Company Owned Vehicle Purchase and Tagging. You can look at the list of vehicles available on a daily basis, view the vehicles options and when the vehicle will be available, if you want a vehicle listed, select Tag this Vehicle.

If you need assistnace call Lawrence Robson the GM Benefit rep 905-641-6444 or stop in at the Union office.

New Hire Benefits

Following are two links the first is a document that explains the changes in benefits for workers transitioning from SWE to GM New Hire Benefits.

New Hires are eligible for Health Care Benefits.  Dental, vision and child care benefits become effective after attaining one (1) year of seniority.

Prescription drugs, prosthetic appliance and durable medical equipment, long term care and chronic care, paramedical coverage and out of province coverages ALL become effective on the first day of the fourth month from the date of hire.

Legal services and Dependent Tuition Assistance Program Benefits start after the completion of the New Hire Grid.

Legal services coverage ends at retirement if you were hired after September 2016.

Please click on Green Shield link for breakdown coverages:

New Hire Pension Benefits, the benefit provide is Canada Life:

Out of Province/Country

Green shield has changed the Out of Province Provider to CanAssistance. Any claims submitted on or after June 1, 2023 even if your Illness/injury date was before June 1/23 your claim will be processed through the new Provider: CanAssistance.

Allianz will continue to process claims they have received before June 1, 2023.

When travelling, make sure you have your

  • Ontario Health Card
  • Green Shield number(s)  (retirees make sure you have your asrTrust card)
  • GM Benefits Username, Phone PIN and website password
  • Emergency numbers to call if you need assistance. From the United Stated or Canada, call 1-800-936-6226; from other locations call collect 0-519-742-3556.
  • Current Out of Province Brochure


Contacting CanAssistance:

For claims support dial the appropriate toll-free numbers on the back of your Green Shield card (active employee) and asrTrust Green Shield card (GM retiree) when you are Out of Province. You must always be able to provide your Green Shield Canada Identification and your Provincial Health Insurance plan number.


1-800-936-6226 toll-free in Canada & U.S.A.

0-519-742-3556 International collect

Any further questions please call your Benefits Rep.

Lawrence Robson Benefit Rep
Bronwyn Bowslaugh Alt Benefit Rep

Office:                               905-641-6444
Lawrence’s Cell:             905-658-7952

Special Offer for 199 Members

Hearing aids are covered under General Motors Unifor local 199 benefits. Hear for life Hearing Clinic offers free hearing test.  They will also give members  $25 gift card with every set of hearing aids purchased. To book an appointment call 905-562-8327,  2A Tremont Drive, St Catharines.



S&A EDB  Benefit Rates

Assembler Trades
($33.86 hourly rate) ($40.25 hourly rate)
S&A $830 $990
EDB under 10 years $2,925 $3,500
EDB 10 or more years $3,215 $3,850
AD&D $38,500 $46,250
Life Insurance $77,000 $92,500


Tuition Assistance, Dependent

Dependants of GM members who are entering post secondary education can apply for dependent tuition assistance funding. The amount of the yearly benefit is $1,300. The tuition assistance is a taxable benefit for the recipient (the student) but are paid directly to the employee. Application forms are available from the GM benefit Centre 1-877-442-4625. You will need a user name and ID if you don’t have one you should set one up as you will need it..  We recommend ordering forms and keeping them on file for when you need them. Important Notice: GM Employees. General Motors Tuition Refund applications must be received by GM Benefit Centre (Hewitt) on or before March 31st  for the previous calendar year. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact  Lawrence Robson 905-641-6444.

Please note:  The Tuition, Assistance, Dependent program benefits start after the completion of the New Hire Grid.

(Please note there are other Bursaries Available to our members  Unifor has (25) Unifor bursaries that are awarded to sons/daughters of Unifor members in good standing entering their first year of post secondary education (i.e. university, community college, technological institute, teachers’ college, nursing school, etc.) One bursary will be available for a Unifor member with at least one year seniority attending their first year of post secondary education. These are entrance bursary’s and are not renewable for students entering subsequent years of study. To learn more about Unifor bursaries, follow the links. Scholarships from Unifor The skilled trades association also have a  bursary, click on the following link for more information.  Eric John Bursary)

TPT Temporary Part Time Employees

GM St Catharines will be hiring hourly Temporary Part-Time (TPT) production employees and has re launched the Employee Referral Program which mean members can refer family and friends for a job.

  1. To refer a friend or family member CLICK HERE
  2. To apply CLICK HERE
  3. TPT Benefits 2018
  4. TPT Language APPENDIX T 2016
  5. Were hiring (Jan 2022)

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