GM Benefit Update – July 2022

JULY 2022

Adding Dependents and Beneficiaries

Hourly Dependent Verification Process Launches on July 5, 2022

Beginning July 5, 2022, hourly and salaried employees must provide documentation to verify their dependents’ eligibility for coverage under the GM Canada Health Care Plan.

The dependent verification process will be implemented on a go-forward basis; there will be no action required for existing dependents.

When an employee adds a dependent to their coverage, the dependent verification requirements and submission deadline will be provided. The employee will need to submit documentation to the GM Canada Benefits Centre, who will then determine if all requirements are met and notify the employee of the results.

–        If the dependent(s) is verified, their account will be updated accordingly.

–        If the dependent(s) is not verified by the deadline, dependents will not be enrolled into coverage and the employee will need to contact the GM Canada Benefits Centre to re-initiate the enrollment process.

The following documentation is available for your reference:

–        Adding/Changing Dependents Checklist (Hourly). This document outlines the steps to   add/change/remove dependents and contains embedded links to:

  1. Dependent Verification Step-by-Step Instructions. This document provides employees with instructions as to how to add dependent(s) at and how to navigate the Dependent Verification portal to upload (recommended), fax or mail documentation to the GM Canada Benefits Centre.
  2. Dependent Verification Required Documentation. This is a list of the required documents employees are to provide to demonstrate proof of dependent eligibility.

Login to to set up your GM Benefits Centre account, Make or update your Password and phone pin on the website. You will need the last four digits of your social insurance number (SIN) when setting up your account on the website.

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