GM Benefit Report – Updated Legal Services and Dependent Tuition Assistance Plan

Updated Legal Services & Dependent Tuition Assistance Plan

The Legal Services and Dependent Tuition Assistance Plans Eligibility dates were updated in the 2023 Contract. Eligibility was moved from 8 years of seniority to one (1) years seniority and will be retroactive to the effective date September 2023.
Legal Services Plan is currently active and can be accessed by phone at 905-641-1313 and through the website. A breakdown of the services is on the website and in our Benefits Booklets under the Legal tab. Common services used are
Real estate and making wills.


Dependent Tuition Assistance Plan(DTAP):

The company is working with the GM Benefits Centre to update their systems with the new coding with the changes to eligibility. The company is hoping this will be completed for January 2024. This benefit is for eligible dependent children up to the age
of 25 years old and attending an accredited post-secondary school. Dependent Tuition Assistance Plan works on a calendar year, not a school year. The deadline to apply for the Dependent Tuition Assistance is the following March 31st of
the calendar year you are applying for. (Example: To apply for the 2023 calendar year you have until March 31 of 2024 to submit the application.) The Dependent Tuition Assistance Forms can be obtained for the GM Benefits Centre. 877-442-4625. You can
also order them on the website under the “Request Materials and Form” tab.  Everyone has different issues and concerns when it comes to ones’ health. We provide confidential information in an environment more suited to your needs.

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