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Welcome To Your Interactive Phone Directory

The phone directory is displayed in alphabetical order by last name and is interactive. This means by simply clicking on any of the headings you can sort the list by name, unit, position or zone. We hope this new feature will make it easier to find the person you are trying to contact.

The Union Hall address, fax and phone number is on top of every page in the site.

If you can't find who you are looking for, want to change a number, add an e-mail address or phone number, please call the Union Hall @ 905-682-2611.

Last Name First Name Area Position Unit Phone Ext. / Cell Email
Allen Bruce Retirees Retirees, Recording Secretary 199 905-682-2611
Ampatuan-Winsor Jamshida FirstOntario Committeeperson, Scott St., Alt. 199
Anderson James SpencerARL Committeeperson, Alt. 199
Anderson Kevan GM Committeeperson, Aft, Zone 10B GM 905-641-6011
Anker Shirley GM GM Labour Relations, Company Rep. GM 905-641-6345 Email
Arnold Mike Welland Forge Chairperson 199 905-329-5357 Email
Auto Insurance Unifor GM 1-877-229-4677
Bateman Robert Welded Tube Chairperson 199 Email
Batstra Kirk Canada Forgings Committeeperson, Heavy Forge 199
Bell Brian GM Committeeperson, Nights, Zone 12A, Alternate GM 905-641-6011
Bell Brian GM Committeeperson, Nights, Zone 12B GM 905-641-6011
Bilski Art Grimsby Ford Committeeperson 199
Bisson Gilles Welland Forge Committeeperson, Press/Shear-Saw 199
Bittle Brian Knights Committeeperson 199
Blackwood Kevin Grimsby Ford Chairperson 199 905-945-4171 Email
Blair Debbie FirstOntario Committeeperson, Main Branch-MSC, Alt. 199
Bonnette Peter Seneca Chairperson 199 905-641-0514 Email
Boyd Greg Tora Chairperson 199 905-397-9668
Bradley James Casino Security Committeeperson 199
Brady Greg Executive Board President GM 905-682-2611 Email
Bruton Monique FirstOntario Committeeperson, Main Branch-Retail, Alt. 199
Bulitz Ray Welded Tube Committeeperson, Yard and Skilled Trades, Dayshift 199
Cahill Dana Assemble-Rite Chairperson 199 Email
Caputo Mario FirstOntario Committeeperson, Scott St. 199
Charette Jason Vesuvius Chairperson 199 905-680-4216 Email
Child Ed Retirees Retirees, Sgt. At Arms 199 905-682-2611
Collini Nick Retirees Retirees, Financial Secretary 199 905-682-2611
Colosimo Robert Securitas Anti-Harassment Rep. 199
Colosimo Robert Securitas Health & Safety, Alt. 199
Conrad Dean Casino Security Committeeperson 199
Copeland Scott GM Substance Abuse Rep., Alternate GM 905-641-6367 Email
Craig Tony GM Placement Rep, Alternate GM 905-641-6617
Currie Ashleigh FirstOntario Committeeperson, Main Branch-Retail 199
Currie Glenn GM Committeeperson, Shop, Zone 3 GM 905-641-6033
Cvetkovich Michael City of Welland Chairperson 199 905-735-1700 Email
Davidson Carly Standing Committee Women's, Chairperson 199 905-682-2611 Email
Davies Scott Canada Forgings Committeeperson, Skilled Trades 199
Delano Brian Seneca Committeeperson 199
Dempster Taylor GM Placement Rep. GM 905-641-6617 Email
Dempster Taylor Standing Committee Recreation, Recording Sec. 199 905-682-6211
Dias Jerry UNIFOR Unifor National President All 1-800-268-5763 Email
Dipompeo Maria FirstOntario Committeeperson, Montrose, NF 199
Dortono Paul GM Committeeperson, Shop Skilled Trades GM 905-658-7032 Email
Dougan Fred Executive Board Retiree Rep. 199 905-682-2611
Dougan Fred Retirees Retirees, Chairperson 199 905-682-2611
Dowd Kevin Genaire Chairperson 199 905-684-1165 Email
Egan Tracy FirstOntario Committeeperson, Thorold 199
Ellsworth Nelson Valbruna ASW Inc. Chairperson 199 905-328-3584 Email
Falzoi Nello Genaire Committeeperson 199
Filice Vince GM EI & Sub Rep. GM 905-641-6419 Email
Frame Lisa Pleasant Manor Chairperson 199 905-468-1111 Email
Gaboury Lori Executive Board Member At Large GM 905-685-5555 Email
Gaboury Lori FirstOntario Chairperson 199 905-685-5555 Email
Garner Rob Welded Tube Committeeperson. Lab/Threading, A Shift 199
General Nancey Paramed Committeerperson 199
Gillap Stephan Valbruna ASW Inc. Chief Steward 199
Gilliss-Lapp Lindsay Standing Committee Community Services, Recording Sec. 199 905-682-2611
Gilliss-Lapp Lindsay Standing Committee LGBT, Vice Chairperson 199 905-682-2611
GM Car Authorization GM Vehicle Discount Purchases GM 1-800-235-4646
GM Disney Coupon GM Glendale GM 905-641-6362
GM Family First GM Company Cars 800-234-4646 Email
GM Medical Rep GM Glendale GM 905-641-6564
Gray Kelly GM Committeeperson, Days, Zone 2, Alternate GM 905-641-6034
Green Shield GM Out of Province Coverage GM 1-519-742-3556
Green Shield GM Prescriptions, Dental, Chiro, Massage… GM 1-888-711-1119
Guardari Vince Standing Committee Communications, Recording Sec. 199 905-682-2611
Guardari Vince Standing Committee Education, Recording Sec. 199 905-682-2611
Guardari Vince Standing Committee Young Workers, Chairperson 199 905-682-2611
Guignard Mike Valbruna ASW Inc. Committeeperson, Skilled Trades 199
Hewitt GM Address Change, Personal Info GM 1-877-442-4625
Higham Donna National Union Unifor National, Employment Equity Co-ordinator (Local Office) All 905-687-1841 Email
Hircsu Len Union Hall WSIB Rep. 199 905-682-2611 Ext. 235
Hockey John National Union Unifor National Rep., Benefits GM 905-687-1841 Email
Hodgson John John Bear Committeeperson 199
Idzenga Susan FirstOntario Committeeperson, Main Branch-IMS, Alt. 199
Jackson Derek Welded Tube Committeeperson, Lab/Threaading, B Shift 199
Jackson Les Genaire Committeeperson 199
Jeffery Gerald SpencerARL Committeeperson 199
Jones Andrew Standing Committee Elections, Committee 199 905-682-2611
Jones Brad Ed Learn Committeerperson 199
Jones Chris Standing Committee Elections, Chairperson 199 905-682-2611
Kelly Debbie FirstOntario Committeeperson, Main Branch-MSC, Alt. 199
Kiselchuk Gary Ed Learn Committeeperson 199
Klassen Lisa Pleasant Manor Health & Safety 199 905-682-2611
Kocsis Robert Niagara Motors Chairperson 199 905-468-2145 Email
Kofsky Ashley Standing Committee Education, Vice Chairperson 199 905-682-2611
Kofsky Ashley GM LGBT, Chairperson GM
Koop Tim Brunner Mfg. Committeeperson 199 Email
Kuchar Terry GM Committeeperson, Aft, Zone 10A GM 905-641-6011
Kyle Daniel GM Committeeperson, Nights, Zone 12A
Kyle Daniel Standing Committee Young Workers, Recording Sec. 199 905-682-2611
Langdon Pat Casino Security Chairperson 199 905-329-6145 Email
Latham Alex Executive Board Guide 199 905-641-6560 Email
Latham Alex GM Employment Equity Rep. GM 905-641-6560 Email
Latham Alex GM Union Counsellor GM 905-641-6560 Email
LeBlanc Douglas Valbruna ASW Inc. Committeeperson, Melting Dept. 199 Email
Legear Joseph City of Welland Chief Steward 199
Leidel Paul John Bear Health & Safety 199
Lennox Jordan Executive Board Vice-President 199 905-682-2611 Email
Lennox Jordan Standing Committee Communications, Chairperson 199 905-682-2611
Lennox Jordan GM Pension Rep, Mornings 905-641-6443 Email
Lennox Jordan GM Pension Rep, 12:30-2:30 daily Union Hall GM 905-682-2611 232 Email
Lewis Ian David Chev Chairperson 199 905-735-3690 Email
Lohrke Bob Brunner Mfg. Chairperson 199 905-356-9060 Email
Longpre Trevor GM Committeeperson, Shop, Zone 4 GM 905-641-4020 Email
Longpre Trevor GM Communications Committee 199 905-682-2611
Lorenz John Welded Tube Committeeperson, Yard and Skilled Trades, A Shift 199
Lounge Retirees Retirees Lounge 124 Bunting Rd. St. Catharines 199 905-682-26111 Ext. 234
Lowe Larry Securitas Committeeperson 199
Mahoney Don Knights Health & Safety 199
Mallett Steve SpencerARL Committeeperson 199
Marano Angelo Standing Committee Community Services, Chairperson 199 905-682-2611
Marano Angelo Standing Committee Union Politics, Vice Chairperson
Marcotte Allen Vesuvius Committeeperson 199 289-820-8975 Email
Maura Erika GM Benefit Rep., Alternate GM 905-641-6444
Maybee Geoff GM Apprentice Rep, Maint. Trades GM 905-641-6596 Email
McCourt Jessica GM Union Counsellor GM 905-641-6559 Email
McCready Robert Standing Committee Education, Chairperson 199 905-682-2611 Email
McInotsh Rose FirstOntario Committeeperson, Welland
McKinnon Tim Executive Board Sgt at Arms 199 905-641-6035 Email
McKinnon Tim GM Chairperson GM 905-641-6035 Email
McMullen Steve Executive Board Financial Secretary 199 905-682-2611 Email
Medical Dept GM GM 905-641-6564
Merpaw Mike GM Substance Abuse Rep., Alternate GM 905-641-6367
Michaud Mike National Union Unifor National Rep ,Local Office All 905-687-1841 Email
Miller Scott Paramed Chairperson 199 905-682-6555 Email
Mossutto Rose FirstOntario Committeeperson, Port Plaza 199
Murphy David Brunner Mfg. Committeeperson 199
Naldjieff Ken GM Committeeperson, Skilled Trades Shop,Alt. GM 905-658-7032 Email
Naldjieff Ken Standing Committee Recreation, Chairperson 199 905-682-2611
Nault Jim David Chev Committeerperson 199
Naylor Phil Knights Chairperson 199 905-641-6898 Email
Neely John Retirees Retirees, Vice Chairperson 199 905-682-2611
Newburg Bill GM Committeeperson, Days, Zone 4, Alternate 199 905-641-4020
Nicholl Brian SpencerARL Chairperson 199 905-351-0754 Email
Nie Adam GM EI & Sub Rep. Alternate GM 905-641-6419
OHCOW Union Health & Safety 1-800-263-2129
Olm Don Welland Forge Committeeperson, Hammer Shop 199
Orr Doug National Union Unifor National Rep (Local Office) All 905-687-1841 Email
Oshawa Plant GM Oshawa, GM GM 1-905-644-6088
Oshawa Union Hall GM Oshawa, Unifor Union Hall GM 1-905-723-1187
Ott Peter Welland Forge Committeeperson, Bargaining 199
Pagano Mike GM Health & Safety, Alt. GM 905-641-6420
Paquin Brian Vesuvius Health & Safety 199 289-821-4223 Email
Paul Fabio Cullen Chairperson 199 905-684-8745 Email
Peacock Lorie Standing Committee Union Politics, Chairperson 199 905-682-2611 Email
Peacock Lorie Standing Committee Women's, Recording Sec. 199 905-682-2611 Email
Perkins Rob GM Committeeperson, Nights, Zone 12B, Alternate GM 905-641-6011
Phillip-Vaughn Nicole Pleasant Manor Committeeperson 199
Plamondon Marc Welland Forge Committeeperson, Bargaining 199
Port Elgin Unifor National Education Centre, Port Elgin 1-800-265-3735
Potac Paul Brunner Mfg. Health & Safety 199
Preston Pat City of Welland Deputy Shop, Chairperson 199
Prokator John John Bear Committeeperson 199
Pula John Retirees Head Steward 199 905-682-2611 Ext. 234
Randall Fred Ed Learn Chairperson 199 905-323-7236 Email
Redmond Chris GM Committeeperson, Aft, Zone 10A, Alternate GM 905-641-6011
Rittenhouse Christine Casino Security Committeeperson 199
Rizzo Marty Vesuvius Committeeperson 199
Robson Lawrence Executive Board Trustee 199 905-682-2611
Robson Lawrence GM Benefit Rep. GM 905-641-6444 Email
Roy Norm Standing Committee Community Services, Vice Chairperson
Roy Norm Standing Committee Union Politics, Vice Chairperson 199 905-682-2611
Sanderson Steve SpencerARL Health & Safety 199
Scholtens John Canada Forgings Chariperson 199 289-213-3700 Email
Scott Peter Executive Board Recording Secretary 199 905-682-2611 Ext. 238 Email
Scott Peter McMaster University Regional Coordinator GM 905-682-2611 Ext. 238 Email
Scott Peter Unifor/GM Workplace Training Coordinator GM 905-682-2611 Ext. 238 Email
Scott Zac GM Committeeperson, Days, Zone 3, Alternate 199 905-641-6033
Security GM Security Glendale 905-641-6424
Semenchuk Katelyn Standing Committee Women's, Vice Chairperson 199 905-682-2611 Email
Semenchuk Katelyn Standing Committee Young Workers, Recording Sec. 199 905-682-2611 Email
Shoe Store GM Glendale Ave. GM 905-641-6468
Solodiuk Amy FirstOntario Committeeperson, Montrose, NF, Alt. 199
Springer Collin David Chev Committeeperson 199
Staff Bill Welland Forge Committeeperson, Hammer Shop 199
Steers Ed GM Health & Saftey Rep. GM 905-641-6420 Email
Steers Ed Standing Committee Communications, Vice-Chairperson 199 905-682-2611
Stewart Mike Standing Committee Recreation, Recording Sec. 199 905-682-6211 Email
Szep Lise Pleasant Manor Committeeperson 199
Szpurko Brandon Valbruna ASW Inc. Committeeperson, Condition Dept. 199 Email
Tang Johnathan GM Committeeperson, Aft, Zone 10B, Alternate GM 905-641-6011
Taylor Todd John Bear Chairperson 199 905-934-2571 Email
Tellier Christina McMaster University Labour Studies Liaison 905-525-9140 Email
Tellier Laurette Retirees Head Steward 199 905-682-2611 Ext. 234
Thompson Tim Securitas Committeeperson 199
Thompson Tim Securitas Health & Safety 199
Turcotte Michelle FirstOntario Committeeperson, 4th Ave. 199
Tyminski Tony Executive Board Trustee 199 905-682-2611
Unifor 199 Hall Unifor Local 199 Local 199 Union Hall 199 905-682-2611 Email
Unifor Legal GM Unifor Legal GM 905-641-1313
Unifor St Catharines National Union Unifor National, Local Office All 905-687-1841
Unifor Toronto National Union Placer Court All 1-800-268-5763
Upper Dennis Canada Forgings Committeeperson, Heavy Forge 199
Van Ede Bruce Welded Tube Committeeperson, Alternate 199
Vescio Lisa FirstOntario Committeeperson, Main Branch-IMS
Wallis Stephanie FirstOntario Committeeperson, Welland, Alt. 199
Wark Doug GM Committeeperson, Shop, Zone 2 GM 905-641-6034 Email
Wieszt Kathe Cullen Committeeperson 199
Winterbottom Mike Executive Board Chairperson, Unit Council 199 905-641-6424 Email
Winterbottom Mike Securitas Chairperson 199 905-641-6424 Email
Young Mike Canada Forgings Health & Safety 199
Zugic Irene FirstOntario Committeeperson, Thorold, Alt. 199


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