SUB & E.I.

How long does my claim last?
Claims run for a 52 week period depending on how many weeks payable by E.I. This is determined when a claim is finalized by E.I. The maximum payable is 45 weeks.

Can I still use the phone to report my laid off hours to E.I?
Yes, for reporting only. To start or restart your claim, it must be done on-line.

What happens if I don’t keep reporting after I’ve been back to work for a period of time?
Say you’re laid off for 2 weeks, file your claim and report your weeks of layoff to E.I. then go back to work for 2 months and don’t keep up your reporting. That’s fine if you are laid off again, you re-open your claim by refilling an application.

How long do I have to apply for S&A or WSIB E.I. waiting period upon my return to work?
The time frame E.I. allows is a 3 week window to apply for E.I. waiting period. Please note: The best advice I can give to any member is if you’re not sure, please contact the SUB office or cell phone or email Vince Filice. Mistakes mean delays in getting your claim finalized which only leads to delays in payments.

How are SUB Credits Calculated?
SUB credits are credited to hourly employees at the rate of 0.5 credit unit for every week worked. Sub credits will be cancelled at the rate of one credit for each week the benefit is received. The Maximum number of credits you are allowed to accumulate is 104.

When are SUB Credits Topped Up?
SUB Credits are topped up annually on the 3rd Sunday in November.

If I have SUB questions who can I talk to?
Vince Filice, GM Sub/E.I. Representative