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The Education Committee  schedules and organizes educational programs and seminars to educate the members about our history, our community and the issue that effect them.   It is important that local unions play an active part in the education of their members and promote training for our membership at all levels.

The local education committee works with the Executive Board and the National union to evaluate the needs of the membership and schedule course to meet these needs. If you are interested in more information about any of these programs the courses being scheduled locally check out the tabs on the left and postings below or contact a member of the Education Committee.

Committee Members

Chair, Melodie Zarlenga   ( or 905 359-1432)
Vice Chair, Vacant
Secretary, Joe Petriello    ( or 905 931-9840
Executive Liaison Rob Acker

Different Courses

Unifor members have several opportunities to attend educational programs.Unifor offers a wide range of one and three day seminars usually scheduled at the Union Hall.

We also have  a Labour Studies certificate program which is a joint initiative between McMaster University and Unifor. These courses are also delivered at the local Union hall in St Catharines, students receive credits towards a labour studies certificate  and can be used for university credits.

Our members are also eligible to apply for course at the Family Education Centre in Port Elgin, these residential programs offer members a unique educational experience.  Members travel to Port Elgin and stay at the Family Education Centre for five days.  Expenses including lost time and travel is paid by a negotiated paid education leave (PEL) fund.

In the summer months the Family Education Centre opens its doors for family members who can apply to attend the one week Family Education Program.  Members and their families, including children under 18 all attend this one of a kind program.

McMaster Labour Studies

Unifor-McMaster Labour Studies Certificate Program courses are designed specifically for Unifor members who want to learn about unions and social issues that impact working class people.  Courses are designed  by experts in their  field and are usually offered on weeknights at the union hall.  Some courses are offered as self-study/self-paced where you would complete assignments at home or online.

These courses play an important role in building a knowledgeable membership and future workplace leadership. Whether you are looking for career advancement, job change, working toward a degree or interested in learning more about the world around you, take a look at some upcoming courses which are posted below.

3 Day Course Available at Local 199

The local Union schedules several three-day courses, each year, these courses are designed to provide union leadership and activists with the tools necessary to represent our members.

  • Courses are scheduled at the Union Hall
  • Classes are held during regular working hours 8:30 am – 4:00pm
  • Classes are on Thursday, Friday & Saturday,
  • Lost time will be paid for regular scheduled hours,Thursday and Friday, however members must attend all three days to qualify.
  • The National Union covers the cost of lunches, classrooms, course materials and Discussion Leaders.

Courses Available

There are 5 different 3-Day courses available,

  1. Collective Bargaining
  2. Grievance Handling/Workplace Leadership\
  3. Human Rights are Workers Rights
  4. Local Union Finances
  5. Workers’ Compensation
  6. Local 199 can schedule three one day programs back to back..

For a complete course listing and description click here.

To request a the local schedule a 3-day program contact Peter Scott @ 905-682-2611 ext 238

Education Postings

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