Chair: Kevin Dowd

Genaire P.O. Box 966, St. Catharines, Ontario, L2R 6Z4

History: G.R. Wool first opened in 1951, the name was changed to Genaire Ltd. and was unionized by the UAW in 1959. Genaire has two plants, Plant One is located on Highway 55 St Catharines and Plant two is located in Niagara on the Lake. At one time Genaire employed 175 unionized employees, currently there are 42.

Products: Genaire manufactures and repairs a variety of products. Sheet Metal repair and manufacture cargo pallets and build/repair aircraft skies. Radome Department – We repair all Radar nose cones on aircraftfor DND. Fuel Cells We repair DND fuel cells for use in the F-18; Hercules; T-33; Labrador; and Aurora aircrafts. Ground Handling – DND repairs including hydraulic pumps, jacks, test stands, maintenance platforms, tow bars and other ground handling equipment. Hydraulic Department – DND repairs on Lord Mount – Brakes for the Hercules aircraft; pumps & electrical cables for aircraft skies, and rigging cables for skies. Aircraft Welders – We have 2 welders, one of which is government certified. Crater/Packager – We build all our own crates for parts and equipment being shipped out.

Members: 42 unionized members

Chair Person: Kevin Dowd

Phone: 905-684-1165


FAX: 905-684-2412

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