GM Active and Retired – Hospital Room Coverage Update – January, 2023

Hospital Room Coverage


Retired and Active members

Coverage for Ward Rooms is Provincially paid.

Coverage was changed in 2009. Semi-private coverage was dropped for regular hospital stays.

 During your registration process, you will be asked if you have any Health Care Insurance. At this time, you will need to inform the administration staff that you do not have Semi-
Private Room coverage. Ensure you are signing that you do not have this coverage. I have had several active and retired members calling asking about errors with the billing. You could be moved from a ward room by in the Hospital. If you have stated that you do not have Semi-Private Room coverage and are moved, the Hospital should not be billing you for the room changes.


Retired Members refer to the asrTrust Health Care Benefits Plan.

See page 4 in the booklet.


  Covered Benefits

Coverage for semi-private hospital room accommodation for acute care was terminated under the General Motors Health Care Program effective July 1, 2009 and is not covered under the asrTrust Benefit Plan. If a semi-private room is requested, the covered person is responsible for all charges. The asrTrust Benefit Plan Semi-Private Hospital Accommodation Expense Benefit provides for limited coverage for semi-private accommodations for chronic, convalescent and rehabilitative care.


Active Members refer to your current contract book.  

See page 55-57


When reading the language, you will need to read through completely. Read the complete paragraphs.

For example:

This paragraph seems to say we have coverage until you read the last line:  (in bold print below)

The covered person may obtain Semi-Private Hospital Accommodation Benefits that the hospital shall have agreed to furnish covered persons in accordance with the following reimbursement arrangement:

  • Reimbursement for the difference in cost between standard ward charges and the cost of semi-private accommodation in a public general hospital when the standard ward charges
    are paid by any Provincial Government Health Plan of the Province in which the patient is a resident and when the patient is occupying, or has occupied an active treatment bed. Such reimbursement will cease to be available for covered persons who are admitted to such hospital on or after July 1, 2009.

Any further questions please call your Benefit Rep.

LAWRENCE ROBSON      Benefit Rep
Bronwyn Bowslaugh Alt Benefit Rep

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