GM Benefit Report – New Out of Province Insurance Provider

Benefits Report

NEW Out of Province Insurance Provider

Starting JUNE 1, 2023

CanAssistance *


Green shield has changed the Out of Province Provider to CanAssistance. Any claims submitted on or after June 1, 2023 even if your Illness/injury date was before June 1/23 your claim will be processed through the new Provider: CanAssistance.

Allianz will continue to process claims they have received before June 1, 2023.

Contacting CanAssistance:

For claims support dial the appropriate toll-free numbers on the back of your Green Shield card (active employee) and asrTrust Green Shield card (GM retiree) when you are Out of Province. You must always be able to provide your Green Shield Canada Identification and your Provincial Health Insurance plan number.



1-800-936-6226 toll-free in Canada & U.S.A.

0-519-742-3556 International collect


Any further questions please call your Benefits Rep.


Lawrence Robson Benefit Rep
Bronwyn Bowslaugh Alt Benefit Rep

Office:                               905-641-6444
Lawrence’s Cell:            905-658-7952

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