Steven McMullen


The Secretary Treasurer writes and signs all cheques and reports in writing to the Executive Board and membership at Local Union Meetings.  The monthly report includes amounts received, paid out and the remaining balance of Local Union Funds. The report is broken down into various categories of income and expenditure for transparency.  The Financial Secretary keeps an inventory of all Local Union records and property. The Financial Secretary will turn over the books when requested for Audit and approval, submit National Union dues by the last day of the month following collection and deliver a complete dues list to the National Union. Other duties include the overseeing the daily operations of the Union hall and attending to questions regarding EI, Benefits and WSIB claims.

Steve McMullen

Steve McMullen serves the membership of Local 199 as Financial Secrtary on the Executive Board and is the liaison with the Union In Politics Committee. Steve previously served the membership as the Chair of the Election Committee. Steve was elected CLC delegate in 2016. In 2019 as the Canadian Constitutional and Ontario Council delegate.
Contact Information

Phone 905-682-2611 ext 227
Cell: 905-964-6285
E Mail:

Financial Reports

I have posted the Audited Financial Statement for the Building Corporation and For the Local Union for the past three years.  Any member who has questions pertaining to the finances of the local union should attend the membership meeting or contact me directly at 905-682-2611 x 227.

Secretary Treasurer Post & Reports