E.I. Application & Reporting


The strike at GM in the US is having a major impact, most of our members who work at GM and at the companies that supply GM St Catharines have been laid off.  We have set up this page to help members apply and report for Employment Insurance. If you work at GM you can print  the following  instructions and use the links below to start your application and do an EI report.   EI APPLICATION & REPORTING GUIDE.    We encourage you to try and apply on your own however ANY member who needs assistance can stop in at the Union Hall or visit one of the Service Canada Locations in Niagara.



To Start  an EI claim for Employment Insurance Click on this link EI BENEFITS then

  • Click on (5.Apply)
  • Scroll down & Click (Ready to Start)
  • Scroll down & Click (Start Application)
  • If you have not already started an application in the past 72 hour click (No)
  • Click (Benefit for Employees)
  • GM Members enter reference code (3529043195092019) all others click (No) and continue
  • Enter the personal information requested then click continue
  • You will be given a temporary password write it down, then click (Continue)
  • Print off the Conformation page.  Your access code will be mailed to you.

To contact Service Canada call 1-800-206-7218, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 p.m. local time, and press “0” to speak to a representative; or go to a Service Canada Centre. Service Canada Locations Niagara


Once you have applied for EI you will receive an access code in the mail and be asked to report every two weeks, declare you were available to work and any earnings you may have had. Please note the access code will be mailed to your address on file in about 4 days, but you can’t start reporting report until after you have been laid off for TWO weeks. (If the last day worked was on September 27th log on and report after Friday October 11th)

Click here to Do an EI Report 

  • Enter your (Social Insurance Number)
  • Enter the  (ACCESS code) you received in the mail
  • Select Ontario, then click (Continue)
  • Answer the questions


We HIGHLY recommend that once you have your access code you should set up a My Service Canada Account, this provides you with easy secure access to Government online services.  You can check; EI Payments, see your Record of Employment, Report for EI online and add or change direct deposit information.  Your My Service Canada Account (MSCA) gives you access to your personal information about your government benefits. ( EI, CPP, & OAS) If you have an account set up it makes the whole process easier. To set up your My Service Canada Account (MSCA)  Click here to SET UP or ACCESS My Service Canada Account   then follow these steps…

  • Click (4. Access MSCA)
  • Click (GC Key)
  • Click (Continue to GC Key)
  • If you have an account enter your (user name and password)
  • If you don’t have a user name and password click on (Sign up) and follow the instructions.

Please note if you use a public computer, please log off when finished.

4. For return to work information, call GM at 1-877-686-3895


Following the LINKS and documents that will help you apply and report for Employment Insurance. Any member who needs assistance can stop in at the Union hall , visit a service Canada office for assistance, or stop in at the  Benefit Office in the plant.

Q & A

Click here for frequently asked questions and answers:   SUB & EI Frequently Asked Questions 2019