GM UAW In the News Updates

UAW and GM have reached a proposed Tentative Agreement. The agreement will not be ratified until UAW-GM membership across the U.S. vote to approve it. We will post information as it becomes available.

Unifor Local 199 members who are on temporary lay off should call the GM St Catharines Hotline (1-877-868-3895) 2 hours before your regularly scheduled shift for a return to work information.  The hotline was updated on Thursday evening and will be updated again on Sunday. Supervisors may call you directly however we recommend you call the hotline for an update daily.



The list is in chronological order, the newest article is on the bottom of the list.

  1. GM Selected by UAW as Target Automaker
  2. UAW GM Open 2019 Contract Talks
  3. Autoworkers Take Aim at GM in Crucial Contract Negotiations
  4. GM now has fewer UAW Employee’s than FCA & Ford.
  5. As deadline nears, GM sends letter to plants
  6. UAW GM Officials have differing views of contract progress
  7. us automakers face union strike deadline
  8. UAW will Strike GM at Midnight
  9. 46,000 UAW members strike GM
  10. Tens of Thousand of GM Auto Workers go on strike
  11. U.S. General Motors Strike to have Impact on Canadian Workers
  12. UAW/GM Strike Day 8
  13. Day 9 – Key Issue is Temp Workers
  14. GM Strike could last another week Day 11
  15. Day 14 UAW Strike update
  16. Day 15 UAW Rejects Latest Offer
  17. Strike Cost Continue to Pile up
  18. Day 17 Canadian Auto Parts Firms Hit Hard
  19. Day 18 – UAW Makes Progress in Ford Talks
  20. Day 19 UAW Reports Good Progress on Health Care and Temp Workers, talks to continue Saturday Morning
  21. Day 20 Main Issues in UAW Talks Narrow to Wages & Pensions
  22. Day 21 – Talks take a turn for the worse.
  23. UAW Increases Strike Pay and authorizes part time work
  24. Day 30 Barra rejoins negotiations
  25. GM UAW Reach Tentative Deal
  26. Day 31 General Motors Union Tentative Deal
  27. GM Canada Hopes to Resume Operations Soon
  28. UAW GM Contract Summary
  29. What You Need to Know About UAW Agreement
  30. Solidarity Pays Dividends in GM Settlement
  31. Day 36 – Locals Review Contact
  32. Vote may be close
  33. Very Good Information and Vote updates