The Ratification Meeting will be held this Sunday for all three GM Canada locations; St. Catharines, Oshawa and Woodstock.  The meeting for the St Catharines workers will be at Brock University at 2pm.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the bargaining process that were on Facebook:

  • When a target company is selected the National Union and Local Bargaining Committee negotiate until they have a Tentative Agreement. This occurred early on Tuesday morning.
  • Following the negotiation of a Tentative Agreement, the National Union schedules a Leadership Review which took place on Thursday in Toronto.
  • A highlight brochure for both Local and Master Language are made and are distributed at the Ratification meeting.  The details are not released prior to the meeting so that the membership all receive the correct information before it is public knowledge.  
  • At the Ratification meeting, members can review the Tentative Agreement with the Bargaining Committee and ask questions before voting on whether or not to accept the Contract.
  • The votes will be counted and after all three locations have voted, the results will be released. This is to make sure members are not influenced by the results at other locations.
  • If members vote YES and support the Bargaining committee, the National Union will start Bargaining with Fiat Chrysler Automotive.
  • If the Contract is not Ratified, all members at GM Canada will officially be on strike immediately.

This process has always been the same. We hope this helps to clarify the process and the rationale behind the process.  See you on Sunday at 2pm.