GM CHAIRPERSONS REPORT                             

December, 2022

First and foremost, I would like to thank you – the membership for another productive calendar year that is coming to an end. This year has had its share of trials, and though times seemed to be bleak, we – the membership stuck together and made the necessary adjustments to adapt and move forward. I want to take this opportunity to tell you that your hard work and sacrifices never went unnoticed. In fact, it’s our unique skillset and quality of our workmanship that sets us apart from the rest, and our reputation has never been stronger thanks to your efforts.


St. Catharine’s viability wouldn’t be possible without you!

You are without a doubt the backbone of St. Catharines.  We can’t run without you and IT’S BECAUSE OF YOU, that we are able to produce what we do in a year. You don’t get nearly enough recognition for the incredible work you do across this plant, many working 7 days a week. And I want to just take this opportunity on behalf of everyone to recognize you and to thank each and every one of you, for all the hard work you do every day. It’s your work that continues to keep us viable and competitive and productive. Our apprentices are learning from the very best. It doesn’t get said enough but we all thank you for everything you do!

To our apprentices, we had a bumpy start to your first year but how you pulled together through your first term of school and the feedback you provided upon your return has helped to steer this program into the right direction. Learn all you can from your mentors and in your Shops. We are committed to the quality of your success because you represent our future in the trades in our plant. Thank you for your patience and efforts learning this year.

Updates for around the plant – HFV6

As we know V6 assembly is laid off leading into the Christmas holidays. They will have a skeleton crew in to clear up OOPs. The Union has ensured those who are on this lay off do not need to claim on their EI report the inflation protection bonus that was paid out on December 15. The V6 department will return to work, January 3rd. Vince Filice has updated EI reporting instructions and is looking after that department. Even though we had a rocky beginning of the year in the machining department, you were still able to produce over 175,023 engines this year. Thank you for all your hard work through imperfect & challenging conditions this year!


GF6 is running steady on 3 shifts of machining and one shift of assembly with a target of 480. Although there are many challenges in the machining department lately, the GF6 team continues to overcome these challenges and still produce over 86,384 transmissions on one shift in assembly. You all, are an amazing team, and your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you for all that you do each day.


DCT has had a challenging year to say the least. This team has risen above all the challenges and delays of the launching of the DCT. Despite machine downtime issues, layoffs and numerous supplier part issues that have plagued them this year they have found a way to rise above and enhance the overall quality of the product in the process. You have looked out for each other and pooled your skills and talents to establish new quality standards for the DCT that our plant is best known by and that the Company relies on us for. Thank you for your perseverance through these challenges. Through limited supply you still produced over 827 DCT’s this year. Thanks goes out to the entire team, including the TPT’s who’ve helped make the DCT a success for St. Catharines.


V8 has been our production backbone for a long time. You have been on a record- breaking streak for months and you have helped showcase our plant in the best possible light.

Through covid you ran strong. Through the semi-conductor shortage, you ran strong. Through our valve shortages this year you continue to run strong. Your efforts have showcased what St. Catharines can achieve by the challenges we overcome. You have helped us continue the critical supply of V8 engines to the Arlington and Oshawa plants during these tough times, who are our biggest customers. Keep up the great work! You’ve all helped make over 227,415 engines this year.

Did you know that St. Catharines is the only GM plant in North America that produces 4 different products within one plant?

Do you know how often St. Catharines products are insisted upon, because of our quality?

We have that amazing reputation within the Company because of you, the membership. You produce some of the corporations best selling products at the highest quality and that is something to be proud of.

On behalf of myself and the Local Union Committee, I would like to offer our best wishes to you and your family during this Christmas Holiday season. Be safe while you’re off and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

First day back in the New Year is Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023.


Issued by, Trevor Longpre, GM Unit Plant Chairperson.
On behalf of the Shop & Benefit Committee       


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