Racism lives here in Canada. Since April, nine Black, Indigenous, or racialized people in Canada have been killed during interactions with police.  We were all horrified and outraged by the murder of George Floyd in the United States. As trade unionists in Canada, we cannot ignore the deadly threat racism poses to our Black, Indigenous, and racialized sisters, brothers, and friends north of the border. We must do more than speak up against it, we must work together to abolish Racism.

August 1st is Emancipation Day.

It is currently only recognized in Ontario, but to make this day a truly meaningful commemoration, the entire country needs to join in. This day also affirms our union’s collective demand for racial justice and, to paraphrase Angela Davis, enables us to no longer accept the things we cannot change but change the things we cannot accept.

T Shirts

Unifor is holding a day of action across Canada to mark the August 1st Day of Emancipation Unifor has created t-shirts that read: 2020 Civil Rights Movement. I am changing the things I cannot accept.  The cost of the t shirt is $15 members only price is $10.

Any member who would like to order a shirt should contact either Jessica McCourt or Steve McMullen

“We are all aware that the trade union movement was built by working people determined to achieve social justice and equity in our workplaces and in our communities. Our greatest progress has come when we have understood the importance of combating discrimination and uniting all workers.”