GM Pension Report July 2020

Welcome back from Summer Shutdown.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy some time relaxing with family and friends. You may have noticed a lot of new faces and the absence of some familiar ones. July 1st saw many members retire and more have signed up for August 1st. As they prepare for the next chapter in life we would like to thank them for their service and wish them a happy and healthy retirement. In total there will have been 200 retirements since the beginning of the year come August 1st.

Rob Acker

On a special note, I would like to thank and recognize Rob Acker for his dedication and service to the General Motors membership as the Pension Representative for multiple terms. Enjoy your retirement!
Accessing Pension Information (Defined Benefit Plan)

Defined Benefit Pension (DB)

Members who have DB pensions can access their information using the GM Benefit Centre portal at  Instructions on how to use the site are on the back of this report. This is an excellent way to track Credited Service, Benefit Rate, Maximum Transfer Value and a Commuted Value estimate.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your login information and log on
  3. Click on the Pension tab at the top of the screen
  4. Click “Estimate Your Retirement Income”
  5. Select estimated date of retirement (If retiring Sept. 1st, select August 31 as last day worked)
  6. Select “First of Month…” in the Day You Begin Receiving Benefits box
  7. Note: In order to receive CV estimate, your retirement date cannot be more than six (6) months from the current date.
  8. For further details click “Calculation Details” (Credited Service, Maximum Transfer Value, etc)


Defined Contribution Pension

For new members who are covered by the Defined Contribution Pension, you can access your pension information by signing into your account at  All new members should consider making their maximum contribution percentage in order to maximize their potential investment and return. If you have questions about the DC pension plan, do not hesitate to contact the Pension office for assistance.

New Pension Representatives

I would like to welcome Ken Maclean to the position of Alternate Pension Representative. We look forward to assisting membership as they transition to the next chapter of their lives.

Printable Report, Click Here Pension Report July 2020

Issued by,
Jordan Lennox, Pension Representative
In-plant : 905-641-6443
Cell: 905-246-0384
E Mail:
Ken Maclean, Alt. Pension Representative