Environment & Community Services

Environment & Community Services


This committee networks with other like minded environmental groups locally and nationwide.  They get involved in community efforts such as clean ups and local Earth Day events, local recycling endeavours, water conservation  and projects that span across the country.  For many years our Environment committee was involved in a Earth Day in the schools program where we had an opportunity to talk to children for JK up to Grade 12 on environmental issues and how we can all help. We would annually participate in and speak at  Earth Day events at Malcomson Park in St. Catharines.  We also networked with other organizations on Prevent Cancer campaigns and banning the use of cosmetic pesticides

Committee Members

Chairperson:                  Angelo Marano Email Angelo

Recording Secretary:   Lorie Peacock Email Lorie

Committee:                    David Kralt Email David

Shannon Sawatsky  Email Shannon



Earth Day Action Toolkit

Changing the world starts by challenging your own little corner of it. With that in mind, we have provided a series of links to support your efforts to make a difference click on the links below, you’ll find everything you need to organize an event in your area, including: how to get started, how to reach out to city officials, various project ideas that are easy to implement, ways to spread the word and activate members of the community, plus what to do on the day of your event. Your passion and energy are infectious. They are exactly what the movement needs to inspire individuals, communities, cities and countries all over the world.

For information about the Niagara Regions garbage recycling and organics program click on the following link.

Niagara Waste Reduction

For good recycling information nd to search for drop site in your area click the following link

Make The Drop

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