National Environment Conference 2017

National Environment Conference 2017

“Climate Change – Plans to Action”

The 2017 National Environment Conference, “Climate Change – Plans to Action” is our forum for the exchange of knowledge, practices, experience and ambition for promoting healthier workplaces, communities and our world – our only home.

The days when taking action on climate change was portrayed as a job killer are behind us. Our members want a clear vision for future jobs and energy options. Our role is to fight for a transition that is just and ethical. In sectors where job losses are unavoidable, unions and employers need to develop binding transition plans and strategies that offer new opportunities to workers and actively shape structural change.

Unifor represents workers employed in the energy and fossil fuel sectors as well as many other climate impacting sectors that will be affected.  While companies make the necessary changes to compete in an environmentally sustainable economy, we must recognize the concerns of workers who believe they will lose their jobs. They are the backbone of our communities and they must be guaranteed a fair economic future. Redeployment, the chance to further develop their skills and make a contribution in new sectors and secure pensions must be an integrated package of guarantees.

The Conference plenaries, workshops and discussions will focus on the importance of climate policies aimed at reducing emissions along with those aimed at building resilience and adaptive capacity. This is a prerequisite for achieving the sustainability of climate policies: our members will always stand with measures that improve the overall quality of life and everyone’s chances to live with dignity on our planet.   Respect for indigenous peoples’ rights and their self-determination, gender equality, workers’ rights, and migrants’ rights are fundamental for climate policies to support those who need them the most.

Who should come to this conference? Environmental Activists, Local Union Leadership, Workplace Representatives and our members on Union in Politics committees are encouraged to attend.

Please make every effort to send delegates (leadership, political and community activists) to this important conference. 

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