Free 2017 Canada Parks Discovery Pass

parks passFree 2017 Canada Parks Discovery Pass

I received an e mail today offering me a free parks Canada Pass.  Being a being  a bit of a skeptic, I thought sounds like a scam to me!.  The good news,  I checked it out and I was wrong, it’s a legitimate offer.  So thought I would share it with you. The pass is good for a family travelling in the same vehicle and is good for 2017. Closest local sites I could find were…

  • Fort George National Historic Site
  • Queenston Heights National Historic Site
  • HMSC Haida National Historic Site
  • Woodside National Historic Site

All you need to do is click on the link below and follow the steps, FYI  they don’t ask for any credit card or banking information.

In Solidarity
Peter Scott


  1. Free 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Card
  2. Select Purchase
  3. Proceed to checkout, the balance is $0 dollars
  4. Enter you name and address address
  5. And you will receive the pass in the mail.

For all of 2017 this pass gives you unlimited opportunities to enjoy National Parks, National Marine Conservation Areas and National Historic Sites across the country! Please note: The Discovery Pass is only accepted at national historic sites which are operated by Parks Canada. If you have questions regarding the above information, please contact the National Information Service at 1-888-773-8888 or .