Sector Profiles Update

The Unifor National Research Department has released the 2022 Sector Profiles.

The first is the Canadian Economy Profile overview. This examines the entirety of the Union, which represents 315,000 members across 2,904 Bargaining Units. One in six members works within the public sector, working in public utilities, passenger rail, education, public transit, social services or healthcare. One in eight members work within the skilled trades and one in three members are women.

Find the full report here: Unifor – Canadian Economy Profile

The Aerospace Profile examines employment levels, the effects of the pandemic, and discusses strategies developing the Aerospace sector. Within Local 199, Genaire falls into the Aerospace Profile.

Find the full report here: Unifor – Aerospace Sector Profile

With over 22,000 members in the Auto Assembly Sector, this report discusses current conditions, employment levels, public investment, and Unifor’s plan to develop this sector. General Motors falls under the Auto Assembly Sector Profile.

Find the full report here: Unifor – Auto-Assembly Sector Profile

With only eighteen bargaining units, this sector is small – however, it generates a GDP of roughly $149.2 billion dollars. The report focuses on wages, the low interest environment, and inflationary pressure. First Ontario Credit Union, which was initially founded to service CAW members, falls under the Financial Services Sector Profile.

Find the full report here: Unifor – Financial Services Sector Profile

General Manufacturing encompasses multiple units within Local 199. Vesuvius, Iafrate, Valbruna, Canada Forge, Brunner, Ontario Stamping Solutions and Welded Tube are all encapsulated by this report. The report covers employment levels, external international factors, and unfair trade practices.

Find the full report here: Unifor – General Manufacturing Sector Profile

The healthcare sector generates a total GDP of $144.5 billion dollars. Paramed and Pleasant Manor are captured within this report, which focuses on the effects of the pandemic, employment levels, privatization of healthcare and the need for improved recruitment and retention.

Find the full report here: Unifor – Health Care and Social Services

With a total GDP of $460.4 billion dollars, the General Services Profile captures Local 199’s Casino Security unit and Knights FM. The report focuses on the need to intervene in “free-market” competition, labour shortages, and the need to limit temporary contracts.

Find the full report here: Unifor – General Services

Roughly 17,000 members make up the Independent Auto Parts Sector. This includes Assemble Rite, TORA, and Spencer ARL within Local 199. The report discusses the shift to EV, transition supports, and addressing persistent trade imbalances.

Find the full report here: Unifor – Independent Auto Parts

The average hourly wage in Canada for this sector was $24.20. Within Local 199 the following units fall under this sector: Ed Learn Ford, Brian cullen Motors, Grimsby Ford, John Bear, Niagara Motors and Welland Chevrolet. The report examines employment levels, the need for EV transition protections, and the need for supply chain issues to be addressed.

Find the full report here: Unifor – Vehicle Dealerships and Services


Issued by Jordan Lennox, President Local 199