August 13, 2021

 As you know GM has been operating week to week for nearly 18 months ow. Ford and Stellantis (formerly FCA) and other auto makers are experiencing the same issues. Typically, the Company gets the information from Detroit on what products and at what volume as late as every Thursday. 

 All the Companies are trying to keep their most profitable and in demand products running, while idling others that are less profitable and with less demand. Our goal as the Union has been and will always be to keep as many full-time members working through these unpredictable and unprecedented times. 

 In the best interests of the membership and after a week of discussions between the Union and the Company, the Company had agreed to canvass the entire plant to see who would be interested in taking an inverse layoff that could last up to 13 weeks. The canvass showed there were enough volunteers to allow those who wanted to work to return from V6 and GF6, with the exception of V6 assembly. 60 members wanted to work in V6 assembly. By seniority 28 were already scheduled for the partial shift to run turbos. This information was crucial to making an informed decision, to respect our members contractual rights, and explore what options were available to the Union through our contract. 

 Subsequently, members who were canvassed and expressed interest in working were recanvassed to explore interest in taking a one-week layoff next week. There was greater interest with that option. Utilizing this information, the Union has negotiated Union Awareness for roughly 14 members next week. This provides an avenue for those members who expressed interest in work, but were slated to be laid off avoiding anyone being forced out. 

 It is important to remember that this is the best information I have at the moment regarding the next two weeks of plant operation: 


For the week of August 16th 

  • V8 is returning to full operation in assembly and machining 
  • V6 is running a partial shift in assembly to build turbos  
  • V6 machining is running in Mod 3 to supply assembly, while Mod 1&2 Block and Head have partial crews to get those areas operational  
  • GF6 is still scheduled to be out until after Labour Day following Cami’s schedule.  

For the week of Aug 23rd  

  • It is anticipated that V6 will return to full operation  
  • V8 should remain fully operational 
  • GF6 will continue to be laid off 


Again, plans change. But this is the best information I have at the moment.  

 The COVID pandemic that has been devastating for the last 18 months and fear of what could be a potential 4th wave coming. Add the semiconductor issues we are experiencing has had a disastrous effect on manufacturing globally. I want to thank the membership for all their hard work and resilience and support as we work through this. 

 If you have any questions specific to your personal situation then please reach out to your Shop Reps for the best information. 


The Union will continue to work with the Company to keep as many employees working as possible. I hope that everyone remains safe during this time. 


Issued by, 

Trevor Longpre, GM Unit Chairperson 

On behalf of the Bargaining Committee 

Ken Naldjieff, Glenn Currie, Kevan Anderson, Bill Newburgh 

UNIFOR Local 199