Union Hall Renovations – March 2021

Retiree Chair Report March, 2021 

If you drive past the union hall you will see some renovations are currently being made to the lower level.  Unifor Local 199 is adding four union offices on the south side of the retiree lounge on the lower level, adjacent to the patio.  This is to accommodate the Executive offices currently located on the second floor.  When the renovations are completed the union offices upstairs will be closed.   There are several advantages to this decision which was made by the Executive Board and was supported 100% by the Retirees Executive.  We utilize unused space in the lower level,  secure the future for the lounge for 5 years and the union offices will now be wheelchair accessible via the ramp.

The four offices will be the new home for the President, Financial Secretary, Admin/reception and a  general purpose office for pensions, benefits & WSIB.  The retirees will see very little change in the area we use, the good news is the  plan includes a fresh coat of paint and some improvements to the meeting room, bar, and we will also have access to WIFI.  The retiree lounge is currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions so this was a very good opportunity to make this move.  The renovations and move will be completed by May 1st 2021.

“It is a change that had to happen to secure the Union’s future. I believe keeping the retirees and the Local Union together ,in one location is a very good move, we are stronger together than apart.”

Fred Dougan Chairperson Local 199
Chairperson of the Local 199 Retirees Executive Board.



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