GM Benefits – Out of Province Travel Assistance

GM Benefits Report – January 21st 2020 

The Ontario government announced that OHIP coverage for emergency medical services required while travelling outside Canada will no longer be available as of January 2020. The GM Canada benefit plan currently provides travel assistance where employees meet all of the eligibility requirements and where the provincial government pays a portion of the cost.  GM Canada has updated the GM Out of Province Travel Brochure. The Brochure can be found on the GM Benefits website. under the Health and Insurance tab. Copies will be available in-plant in the Clock houses and from your Benefit Rep.

Updated Language in Brochure: 

  • Services are eligible only if normally covered by your provincial government health insurance plan. (Meaning that you have OHIP coverage.)
  • Eligible only if your provincial government health plan pays a portion of the cost (except with respect to expenses incurred out-of-Canada and the provincial government health plan does not cover out-of-Canada
  • Out of Province GM 2020

When travelling the Union recommends that you carry both your Green Shield Canada ID card and your Provincial Health Plan Card. (Retirees should also have their ASR Trust card) You should print these two documents and keep them in your suitcase. Out of Province GM 2020 + Benefit Report January 2020

If you experience a medical emergency while travelling, contact our travel assistance centre within 48 hours to open a case and access our travel assistance services. You can find our travel assistance telephone numbers on the back of your ID card. From the US or Canada, call our toll-free number: 1-800-936-6226. From any other country, call collect: 519-742-3556.


Any further questions please call your Benefit Reps.

Erika Mauro Alt Benefit Rep