Thank you Letter – United Way

icon unitedwayBrothers, Sisters and Comrades of UNIFOR 199,


Thank you for everything you do for our community!


I am fairly new to United Way, only six months in, but I’ve been a labour activist for the past ten years. I know the importance of the relationship between unions and their communities. The history of labour unions’ generosity and giving back to their community is lengthy. We have always fought for the interests and social justice of all people.

Our campaign is currently at 93% of the goal. That has a lot to do with kindness of the members of UNIFOR 199. This year alone, the workers from General Motors Powertrain raised over $350,000. That is only a small drop in the bucket. If you take a look at the history of giving, that number far exceeds $30 million. The members of UNIFOR 199 are a huge part of the success of United Way campaigns. We cannot thank you enough for your commitment to our community!

I’m often asked, where do the dollars go? They go to fund over 70 programs and special initiatives. That means over 90,000 people in our community are being helped.

Since starting at United Way, I’ve had the opportunity to experience some of the programs and see the community impact donor dollars/donations really have. I visited a woman just before the holidays to deliver a Welcome Home Kit; her walls were bare and rooms were empty. When I asked her if she was celebrating Christmas – she replied that she could not afford to do anything. I most recently opened up the United Way Warehouse to agencies for donations that couldn’t be used for Welcome Home Kits and I watched women sift through broken items slotted for garbage at our warehouse – because they have absolutely nothing.

At United Way, there are also services offered for our unionized workers. We want to give back to the people who have done so much for us in the past! We offer two different forms of labour education:

1) When the Paycheque Stops But the Bills Don’t: Counseling services on managing finances and resources for workers who are laid off/on strike/or locked out.

2) Labour Community Advocate Training (formerly Union Counseling): A three level program to link workers with resources/services in their community and help prepare them to better assist their members. Level 1 is being offered in April 2017 – ask your Local Executive for details!

UNIFOR 199 keeps our community strong! Thank you!

In Solidarity Always,
Shana Shipperbottom
Labour Program and Services Coordinator
United Way St Catharines & District

C: 905-719-5445

To print pdf copy of letter click here Thank You UNIFOR 199