Union in Politics

Union in Politics

Union In Politics Committee (UPC)

This committee is involved in political action on behalf of the membership. The committee provides the membership with objective information on issues that are important to their families, union and communities. Governments at all levels make decisions everyday which directly impacts our daily lives. Free trade agreements, such as CETA and the TPP are just a couple of examples of the decisions being made that can have an adverse effect on our members lives. The committee’s mandate is to ensure that our members are kept well informed about  changes that threaten the standard of living and quality of life. The Committee will encourage our members to be politically active, to vote and participate in the electoral process.

Make you vote count.


Chairperson:                                                              Patrick Johnson     Email Patrick
Recording Secretary:                                                Rayna Fleming
Committee:                                                                 David Kralt   Email David
                                                                                      Angeo Marano   Email Angelo
                                                                                      Lorie Peacock    Email Lorie
Justin Tharen

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Make Your Vote Count

Across the province, 28 member organizers are working with Unifor locals to connect with union members and talk about the type of future workers want in Ontario.  With a focus on activating electoral participation, Unifor’s campaign focuses on four main issues established by members at the union’s Ontario Regional Council in December. Unifor will push to stop the conservatives, demand a protection of public services and investments for health care, pharmacare and universal child care, and seeks to protect and expand workers’ rights and standards including the $15 an hour minimum wage.  For more information on these priorities, visit uniforvotes.ca.

“Unifor members pushed this government for every inch of progress that workers have made. That progress will be defended and improved by Unifor members, through their activism and their votes,” said Rizvi. “The significance of this election cannot be overstated. We’re here to make an impact.”  For more information, please contact Unifor Director of Communications Denise Hammond at denise.hammond@unifor.org or at 416-707-5794 (cell).

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