Government to Review Paid Personal Leave for Autoworkers

Paid Personal Emergency Leave 

Last month I signed an online petition initiated by Unifor asking the Ontario government to reconsider a rule that eliminates 2 paid personal emergency leave days for thousands of Canadian Autoworkers. I was upset that autoworkers were being treated differently so I signed and submitted the petition.

The Fair Workplaces Better Jobs Act, allows workers 10 days of personal emergency leave with two paid days for illness, injury, bereavement or other emergencies however excludes autoworkers from collecting the two paid days.

Yesterday I received a response from the Minister of Labour  Kevin Flynn who said the government is going to review this legisaltion. Call me crazy if you want but I believe the more people that sign this petition, will increase the pressure on the government and the possibility of us getting the two paid emergency days.

If you think autoworkers should be treated equally, get the two paid emergency days and want to fight back against this unfair rule sign the online petition

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In Solidarity,
Peter Scott

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You can also e mail the government with your thoughts