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Taylor Dempster / Tony Craig
Placement & Ergonomics Rep

Placement Rep 

Taylor Dempster is the Placement Ergonomics & Data Processing Rep for GM St. Catharines. Taylor can assist members with issue related to job design, medical restriction, and time studies.

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The placement process is on page 74 of the Unifor Local 199 Local Agreement.  2012 Local Agreement


During the 1996 Negotiations the parties spent considerable time discussing the Placement Process and the modifications necessary.

The parties mutually identified concerns with the current process and discussed putting in place a process that included appropriate modifications to address those concerns.

The Placement process identified includes, but is not limited to the following steps:

  • Completed job search sheet along with restrictions and job placement recommendation form will be brought to a placement meeting by the CAW placement representative.
  • Job search to be conducted by CAW placement representative and supervisor, beginning with pre-injury job, pre-injury job with modification, placement within seniority group, department, other productive departments and lastly, in the service groups.
  • Placement meeting will be attended by employee, CAW placement representative, claims management representative, medical, area supervision and area shop committeeperson.
  • A placement letter will be generated identifying the employee’s seniority group and other pertinent information about the placement.
  • Upon expiry of the restrictions and thereby the placement letter, the employee will attend a pre-scheduled appointment with medical to review the necessity of ongoing restrictions. At that point, if no restrictions are issued, the employee will return to their pre-injury job. If restrictions are issued the job search process in its entirety will be repeated and a new placement letter will be generated.

The Union also raised concerns regarding the situation where an employee is placed on a job assignment or assignments within a group and the assignment is eliminated resulting in the employee being instantly displaced. In these situations, the Company stated that the employee should not be instantaneously displaced, but rather a job search should be conducted following receipt of a placement request sheet initiated by area supervision identifying that the current assignment has been eliminated and the need to identify a new assignment.

Any issues or concerns regarding the administering of these procedures should be discussed between the parties.





Ergonomics is the science of people interacting with their work environment.  The science places the human as the central figure in the interrelationship between people, their work, the tools and equipment and the environment in which work is performed.  The term comes from the Greek words “ergo” meaning work and “nomics” meaning laws. Ergonomics is now recognised as an important consideration in the design of workstations, tools equipment and overall job organization.  The application of ergonomics recognises that each worker has different physical mental and social abilities.  It’s principles consider the worker first in the design of their jobs.  In short, the principle of ergonomics are applied in order to fit the job to the worker, not fi the worker to the job.

There are a number of sciences that contribute to the body of ergonomics.

  • Anthropometry, is the science of body dimensions,. it is used at the design stage to acceptable measurements.
  • Physiology is the science of the functioning of the bod. It includes the circulatory nervous and hormonal systems.
  • Biomechanics is the study of forces on the body.
  • Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior.


Time Study is a shop committee directive to the PEDP representative




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