GM EV Transition Support and Resources

EV Transition Support and Resources

At the end of January, GM St Catharines officially began its EV transition and while this is a very exciting time for auto, it has brought with it many changes, unknowns and stressors for GM Unit members.

We have celebrated with our members who have retired after decades of service with more leaving in the next few months.

Members previously working in HFV6 have migrated to other parts of the plant where they are learning new jobs while also adjusting to environments with different demands, work schedules and people.

We have seen members begin a lengthy layoff without a solid date that they are expected to return and with GF6 coming to an end there are many members wondering when or if they will receive a layoff notice of their own.

Layoff and transition related to retooling is something that most of our legacy members have lived through, at least once, and while being a necessary step towards our future, we cannot help but recognize the many challenges that our members are facing. We want to remind you that no matter where you land during this transition – whether you are working, laid off or retired – you are not alone. Union Representatives are available to help you and if we are unable to, we will do our best to work with you and connect you with people or resources who may be able to assist. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

A Layoff Resource Package has been prepared for members on layoff and is available in the clockhouse and also HERE. Within this package you will find important contact information and resources that may be useful to you while you are laid off including – Local 199 & GM Unit Representatives contacts, GM St Catharines info and Employee Resources, EI/SUB & Benefits, UNIFOR support, Employee Assistance Program(TELUS Health) and Community Resources.

If you have any job-related questions related to the transition, please reach out to your shop committeeperson.

If you are looking for support or are struggling, please reach out to Employment Equity Representatives Alex or Jessica. Confidentiality will be respected.

In solidarity,

 Jessica McCourt                               Alex Latham          
289-228-5967                                        289-696-6884

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