START YOUR ENGINES – For The Local 199 Mario Kart 8 Tournament!


  • Lap 1 – Races start at 11:30am and finish at 1:30pm, Sunday April 14, 2024 at the Unifor Local 199 Union Hall (124 Bunting Road)


  • Lap 2 – Prizes, drinks and food (Mushrooms, Bananas, Koopa Shells) will be provided!


  • Lap 3 – The Young Workers and LGBTQ+ Committees proudly present The Local 199 Mario Kart 8 Tournament! A fun filled event for all ages!


For members who are interested in attending, please email or to let the committees know if you and/or guests will be joining us! Last minute entries for racers are welcome too!

Please reach out to the committees as well if you are interested in volunteering for the event; help is always appreciated!

If you prefer to use your own controller and are comfortable bringing it, please do!


Choose your karts and characters wisely and we’ll see you at the finish line!


Click here for printable version