GM Unit Strike Preparation: Picket Duty Assignments (if required)

This week our leadership continues bargaining in Toronto with General Motors as they negotiate a new agreement.  As you know, we are quickly approaching the deadline of October 9 at 11.59 pm. With only 2 days left we must continue preparations for the possibility a strike. Many of you have already signed up for picket duty.  The picket duty schedule is now posted at the exit of each clock house and here: GM Unit Picket Duty Schedule 2023.

  • If you have any questions, please contact Jessica McCourt
  • All members have been assigned one 8-hour shift per week
  • Look for your name on the day you requested on the schedule in the clock houses. Names are listed in order of GMIN. Press ctrl+f in the pdf document to search your name or GMIN

If you didn’t request a time when sign-up was initially posted, you have been assigned a day and time where there was an opening (in red)

  • If we go on strike, you must sign in with your shift picket captain at the start of your one 8-hour shift/week and sign out at the end to be paid for completing your picket duty
  • Strike pay is $300/week or $42.86/day of the dispute. TPT members are eligible for strike pay

If you are working midnight shift at the time of the deadline, please do not leave the plant, wait for direction from a local union representative.


Voter Registration

By now, most members at GM have registered to vote in the upcoming information/ratification process. If you have not registered, do so ASAP. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THERE IS A TENTATIVE AGREEMENT! The form of ratification meeting has not yet been determined. More information will be released at a later time.

Regardless, ALL voting will take place ONLINE via Simply Voting.

This means that if you do not register, you will be unable to cast your vote.


All active GM unit members can register here  You will be required to provide your name, GMIN, address and a non-GM email address to register.  If you need help registering, contact a union representative ASAP. If you are unsure if your registration was processed properly, contact Vincent Filice and he will verify your information. 905-658-7781 or

Members should continue to monitor for official updates from the union about the status of negotiations.


On behalf of the Unifor Local 199 GM Bargaining Committee