Health and Safety Course a Success

On Monday April 3rd to Wednesday 5th the Local hosted a 3-day Health and Safety Course, put on by the National Education Department. First off, I would like to thank the members for their participation. It was great to overhear the in depth conversations, shared workplace experiences, and resolve to create safer work environments for our members. Secondly, I would like to thank Stephanie and Bonnie, the National Discussion Leaders, for delivering an amazing program. Every member I spoke with felt that this course was incredibly educational, and felt a sense of vigour to return to the workplace and enact the lessons you imparted on them.

Holding 3-day courses such as this provide the membership, in this case Health and Safety Representatives, an opportunity to hear from other units, to build strong inter-local relationships, and to bring toolsets back to their workplaces to advocate on behalf of our members. Education is a cornerstone to a strong Union. Over the last two years Local 199 has held two 3-day courses to train representatives. Stay tuned for another course offering in 2024.


Special thanks to Vice President Mike Winterbottom and Young Worker on the Executive Board, Vince Guardari, for helping organize and host this seminar.


In solidarity,

Jordan Lennox, President

Local 199