Lana Payne Tours GM St. Catharines

Monday, October 16th marked a special occasion. National President Lana Payne, National Financial Secretary Len Poirier and Assistant to the President Shane Wark visited the GM St. Catharines Propulsion Plant. Chairperson Trevor Longpre and President  Jordan Lennox led the tour. This was an exceptional time to highlight the incredibly talented workforce, intricate products we produce and shine a light on the areas of that plant that need attention.


A special thank you to Alex Latham and Jessica McCourt who went over and above to make our visitors feel welcome. Also, a big thank you to the National executives for making the time to visit our facility and show that GM St. Catharines is important to them.


We will continue to fight for the future of GM St. Catharines!


Jordan Lennox, President Local 199