What is a Standing Committee?

Education Committee

The Education Committee works with the Executive Board and the National Union to evaluate the educational needs of the membership and schedule courses to meet these needs. The Committee schedules 1-day and 3-day courses at the Union Hall, promotes the McMaster Labour Studies programs and can provide information about courses available in Port Elgin.

Environmental and Community Services Committee

If you have a desire to help others in the community you live in, the Environmental and Community Services Committee is for you! This Committee is very community minded and has always been an active part of our union. The Community Services Committee has organized Christmas dinners, helped to build Bethlehem Affordable Housing and the Pelham Medical Clinic. They’ve also visited children in hospitals, seniors in retirement homes, and helped raise funds for a variety of community groups. The Committee also organizes and runs environmental clean-ups around the Region. The Committee members attend the Merritton Labour Day parade and help with all the festivities at the Union Hall following the parade. We rely on volunteers getting involved so we can make a difference in people’s lives!

Recreation Committee

The Recreation Committee organizes and promotes a variety of social events for the members of Local 199. The Committee promotes events sponsored by both the National and Local Union. Events include golf, bowling, soccer, and hockey tournaments.  Other social events have included the Unifor Night with the Ice Dogs, Children’s Christmas Family Skate, Curling, Bowling, and a Food Truck Extravaganza. If organizing recreation events is a passion of yours – this is the Committee for you!

Human Rights, Aboriginal, Racialized and Workers with Disabilities Committee

The Human Rights Committee promotes a culture for human rights in the workplace and society.  Human Rights Committees can participate in all National Union human rights campaigns, provide support to leadership and membership by offering information on human rights issues and opportunities to learn and do more.   They also work with other standing committees and equity groups to support each other’s issues. Work with local Labour Councils to coordinate and support human rights events throughout the Niagara Region.

LGBTQ+ Committee

This Committee confronts homophobia and helps to create safer and fairer workplaces and communities for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender individuals.  The LGBTQ+ Committee has sponsored trivia nights, as well as youth, Halloween, and Easter dances.  All proceeds have been donated to local organizations such as PFLAG, Brock University, OutNiagara, and Transgendered of Niagara.  The Committee has also participated in the annual Toronto Pride parade.

Unions in Politics Committee

This Committee is involved in political action on behalf of the membership. The Committee provides the membership with objective information on issues that are important to their families, union, and communities. Governments at all levels make decisions everyday which directly impact our daily lives. Free Trade agreements, such as CETA, the USMCA, and the TPP are just a couple of examples of the decisions being made that can have an adverse effect on our members lives. The Committee’s mandate is to ensure that our members are kept well informed about changes that threaten the standard of living and quality of life. The Committee will encourage our members to be politically active, to vote and participate in the electoral process.

Women’s Committee

The objectives of the Women’s Committee are to mobilize women on equality issues in the workplace and the community.  In the past, this Committee has sponsored a luncheon on International Women’s Day (March 8th), has held a silent auction where the proceeds were donated to “Look Good, Feel Good” Breast Cancer Research, and every December, the Committee attends a commemorative service in remembrance of the female students who were killed at Montreal Polytechnique. In March, the Committee participates in Tampon Tuesday.  These are only a few of the great initiatives that the Women’s Committee could support with your help!

Young Workers Committee

The Young Workers Committee is made up of young workers under 35 years of age.  The Committee’s overall goal is to develop and maintain an active, educated, young membership.  This will be achieved by learning about unions and participating in ongoing union activities and campaigns.  Committee members will report to the membership and Executive Board about the issues and concerns that effect young workers. This is a great opportunity to host events that draw in young and new workers. Events in the past have included a Smash Brothers Tournament, dances, and paint nights!


Issued by Jordan Lennox, President
On behalf of the Local 199 Executive Board:
Steve McMullen, Mike Winterbottom, Rose McIntosh, Jessica McCourt, Lawrence Robson, Alex Latham, Fred Dougan, Vince Guardari