McMaster Labour Studies – On-To-Ottawa Trek


87 years since the On-to-Ottawa Trek

In partnership with McMaster University, Unifor offers Educational Courses available for our members. These courses are part of a Labour Studies Certificate Program.

The next course being offered is a one evening video conference course called, “87 years since the On-to-Ottawa Trek”. In 1935, during the great depression, thousands of unemployed Canadian workers rode railcars to Ottawa to demand jobs and workers rights. What was it all about and what lessons can we learn from it today? With McMaster Labour Studies Professor David Gouter.

New workers, veteran workers, and retirees are all encouraged to attend this course.

For more information contact Vince Guardari or Ashley Kofsky, 905- 641-6527. To register for a course, fill out the online form:

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Issued by the Executive Board of Unifor Local 199

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