Ontario Regional Council Report – 2022


            Steve McMullen and I participated virtually in the Ontario Regional Council, March 9th and 10th. The delegates at the Council voted on resolutions and recommendations including pursuing the elimination of Bill 124 (which sees wage suppression in the Health Care Sector), lobbying for stronger Anti-Scab legislation, and lobbying for “Contract Flipping” legislation. Contract Flipping is a process where an employer loses a contract with a customer and a new employer assumes responsibility for the contract. Often employees are rehired for the same positions, but with less pay. The Union wants to ensure that contracts remain the same for members affected by this type of contract flipping.

            The Ontario Regional Council Executive Board donated $150,000.00 and various Locals donated $50,000.00 for a total of $200,000.00 to be donated to Imagine Build. Imagine Build was created by Mandi Fields, the Founder of Tampon Tuesday. The Imagine Build organizations goal is to build new home for the Oneida First Nations.

            There was also a moving panel lead by Katha Fortier, Assistant to the National President. The panel consisted of PSW’s and nurses who worked through the pandemic. Each shared a unique and heartbreaking story of loss, sacrifice and perseverance. One Sister shared a story of living in a trailer on-site, separated from her family, to ensure she kept her coworkers, patients, and family safe.

            The Bud Jimmerfield Award was presented to Brother Ed Steers of Local 199, GM Unit. Ed gave a passionate speech highlighting the difficulties of being a union representative, his success, and his mentors – including Brother John Pula and the foundation he provided Ed to build upon. He also discussed the importance of the support of his family and wife, which was incredibly touching. I would like to congratulate Ed on this amazing achievement.


Ed Steers Bud Jimmerfield Award Acceptance Speech:

In Solidarity,

Jordan Lennox, President

Unifor Local 199