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Frequently asked questions:

  1. Why haven’t I received Sub?

Answer: SUB is triggered by EI. If you do not file your reports, you will not receive SUB if eligible.


  1. Am I eligible?

Answer: If you have 3-6+ years SENIORITY, you would be eligible to collect and use credits. Viewing credits is available on your paystub under CREDIT UNITS.


  1. How much is SUB?

Answer: The SUB calculation is:   Rate of Pay x 40 hours = Gross Amount

                                                                 Gross amount x .65 = Amount

Amount – EI gross payment = Gross SUB payment        

  1. Who pays SUB?

Answer: General Motors pays SUB. It is usually paid on Thursdays. Check your paystub.


  1. When did I file my report?

Answer: If you filed your report late Sunday, Monday or later, of the week you are eligible to receive EI, there is a possibility SUB will not process until the following week. If you like your payments to be on time, file your report on the Friday (after 8am) or Saturday to ensure you receive SUB for that week.


  1. Why did I only receive one week of SUB? and Two weeks of EI?

Answer: SUB runs a week behind. When filing reports in a timely fashion and depending on your personal situation, you could receive two weeks of EI on the week eligible. This triggers one week of SUB on Thursday. The second week of SUB will come the following Thursday.


  1. Why didn’t I get FULL SUB during my one week waiting period?

Answer: There is no “FULL SUB” during a waiting period.


  1. I’ve done all the above and there’s still no SUB?

If this happens it could mean;

(a)   There was no SUB code on your file. Sometimes on a new claim, it is left off your ROE when submitted to Service Canada.

How do I know this?

Answer: When filing your report, under Other Money if it doesn’t sayOur records show that you are receiving money from Supplemental Unemployment Benefits (SUB) plan.” And just say: “Is there any other money that you have not previously told us about, that you received or will receive for the period of this report?” (If you are entitled to SUB and it doesn’t say the first option, STOP your report and call me so I can activate your SUB code with Service Canada)

(b)   When filling out an Application for a preexisting claim, (NOT FILING A REPORT) you will be asked about Other Monies Information” and you do not click the Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Instead, you click “I did not or will not receive additional money from any employer.” Doing this will remove your sub code. If this happens, contact me – Vincent Filice and I will call Service Canada to apply your SUB code.

(c)   If you have already filed your report without a SUB code on – notify me and I will get a letter issued from Service Canada proving you have received EI payments for the corresponding weeks. When you receive that letter in the mail, bring it to me to have your SUB processed the following week.

(d)   Sometimes your status was not changed from active to layoff. Is it inconvenient? – Yes, but nevertheless it is a quick fix and should auto run the following week once completed.

(e)   You are out of SUB credits. For the new hires accumulating SUB credits, it takes time to max out. If you do not have credits available – you will have to accumulate more, by each week worked.

Yes, there are many reasons why you haven’t received SUB. It can be frustrating and overwhelming, but – it is fixable. If you take the time to read this leaflet – you will be up to date, and can share this information with others who have similar concerns. Any further questions, please feel free to contact me – Vincent Filice or my Alt. Adam Nie.


Vincent Filice

SUB/EI Representative, Unifor Local 199
GM St. Catharines Propulsion Plant
Office: 905-641-6419 | Cell: 905-658-7781
Email: | Fax: 905-682-9393


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