Coming in Contact with COVID-19



If you’ve been instructed to stay home based on symptoms, close contact or self-isolation, call both for guidance:

GM Canada Medical Central Call Line: 1 519 425 3105

GM St. Catharines Medical: 905 641 6564

Options you have while being in quarantine:


In order to know which path to take, you must have a COVID-19 test administered. If the test comes back POSITIVE, please contact your benefit rep;

Lawrence Robson

Office: 905 641-6444

Cell: 905 658 7952


If your test comes back NEGATIVE and you are told to stay home for more than 3 days; contact me – Vincent Filice to see if you qualify for EI SICK. With EI SICK, it is very important to have a medical certificate or proof of a negative test. Service Canada may follow up, so keep it in a safe place. *NO SUB WITH EI SICK*

If your test comes back negative; you are receiving a COVID 19 vaccine; having side effects from your COVID 19 vaccine or caring for a dependent and it is 3 days or less – you may qualify for the Infectious Disease Emergency Leave.

Your group leader may request that employees provide “evidence reasonable in the circumstances” that you are entitled to the leave. However, the employer “shall not require an employee to provide a certificate from a qualified health practitioner as evidence.” When an employee requests a paid IDEL, the employer can ask the employee for the reason they are taking the leave to confirm that they qualify (are they sick, caring for a family member, quarantined, etc.) Any requests for evidence will depend on the reason for leave.

Examples include:

  1. Provide your vaccination card or email of appointment booking for yourself or eligible dependents
  2. Provide copy of Public Health notice to isolate
  3. GM Medical will provide notice to isolate, employees are still required to contact GM Medical to advise of any COVID related symptoms as outlined in the GM COVID Policy.

Any other questions you have, do not hesitate to contact me – Vincent Filice or my Alt. Adam Nie.


UNIFOR Local 199 SUB/EI Representatives
IN PLANT: 905 641-6419 (MONDAY TO FRIDAY 6:30AM-2:30PM)
CELL PHONE: 905 658-7781 (7 Days a week (SATURDAY/SUNDAY UNTIL 3PM)

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