GM Vacation Pay


In an effort to offset the amount of tax withholding, while remaining compliant with CRA guidelines, and increase the total overall net pay, all hourly seniority employees will continue to be paid out a portion of any unused/unpaid vacation pay in week 26. Additionally, employees will now have 40 hours of earnings automatically applied to each of the designated shut down weeks. This means that eligible employees will now receive 40 hours pay in both of these weeks when they would normally not have received any monies. These allocated hours will be deducted from the lump sum payment in week 26.

If an employee is scheduled to work during the designated shut down weeks, then they will still be allocated 40 hours of vacation in addition to their regular weekly pay and any applicable overtime.

Note: This information only applies to hourly seniority employees with at least one year of seniority. If you are a TPT you are paid the legal vacation pay percentage (4%) each week and, therefore, are not impacted. All Active Seniority employees with less than one year of service will receive a 4% vacation pay lump sum in week 26.