Young Workers Report

Jordan Lennox RAFT

Young Workers Report   – February 22, 2019

As the 2019 elections reach their midway point a sense of excitement has spread across Local 199. New workers have put their names forward to become the leaders of tomorrow and some high seniority workers are advocating a succession plan. For the last two years I have been the Young Worker on the Executive Board – a position that has provided me the opportunity to address membership concerns, develop relationships with community groups and help design programs and activities for our members to enjoy.

The role of the Young Worker Representative is to advocate for young workers rights, implement programs involving young workers, and to learn the processes involved at the Executive level of Local 199. It requires an understanding of the labour movement; both its history and the ongoing struggle. The representative also is the direct liaison with the Young Workers Standing Committee and facilitates their activities at the Executive Board.

Some of the goals we accomplished over the last two years include:

  • Developing the #InvestGMStCatharines campaign
  • Establishing a relationship with RAFT, a youth community outreach program
  • Attending the Young Workers Convention during the Ontario Regional Council
  • Advocating young worker involvement in events
    • Labour Day Parade, Paint Night, Planning for Your Future 2.0, Smash Brothers Tournament, and more

On a personal note: I look forward to working with and providing any guidance I can to the next young worker to win in the upcoming election. Best of luck to all the candidates!

Jordan Lennox
Executive Board Young Worker