International Migrants Day , Dec 18th

December 18, 2018

On International Migrants Day, Unifor reaffirms its enduring commitment to protect migrants’ human rights to prevent dangerous journeys and ensure opportunities for legal and safe pathways. In 2018, close to 3,400 migrants and refugees have lost their lives worldwide. This year’s United Nations International Migrants Day theme is  “Migration with Dignity.”

Migration serves as a powerful driver of economic growth, dynamism and understanding for Canada. Many migrants arrive in Canada seeking freedom and opportunities under various immigration status. Migration allows millions of people to seek new opportunities, benefiting communities of origin and destination alike.Far too many Migrants fear they will be sent back to the country which they left. Migrants are often forced into precarious work and some are afraid to seek medical help out of a concern that their status situation will be reported to authorities and they will be deported.

Today Unifor joined over 1,500 members of the health care community across the country, including doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, midwives, allied health specialists, public health workers, researchers, educators and students, who have all signed on to an open letter, calling on the Canadian government to review national legislation regarding health care access for migrants regardless of their status.

To read the Health Care for Migrants open letter, please visit

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