Shop Committee Report (Local 222) – Stay at Work

Following the recent announcement by General Motors regarding the Oshawa Assembly facility there is obviously a lot of interest in news coming from Unifor Local 222. The following report was posted today. We will keep you informed.


(Local 222)

Sisters and Brothers, we as a Shop Committee are extraordinarily thankful and proud of the solidarity shown since General Motors announced its intention to not provide Oshawa with product beyond December 2019.

Everyone is frustrated and angry – and rightfully so – but the time for further job action is not now. As a Union we are planning a campaign that is committed to keeping Oshawa open and it provides us with tremendous leverage for the Company to know that when your union calls upon you, you will show up.

At this time, the best way you can support yourself and your union is to continue to report for your regular shifts and do what you do best, build the highest quality vehicles in the industry. By doing this, it helps prove that we deserve to keep our jobs.

We met with the Prime Minister on Nov. 27, and he is committed to working with us.

GM is without doubt the most arrogant company on this planet. We are expecting a long, drawn-out battle with them and trust us, we are in this for the long haul.

We must remain united.

Again, we are very grateful for your powerful show of support. Should further job action be necessary, be certain your Union will ask for your help.

We will continue to keep you updated.

Click here to see and/or print the leaflet.. Stay at work Nov 29 2018