Labour Day 2018

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Labour Day 2018

As we head into the Labour Day weekend, we are all faced with different emotions; some sad as the end of summer is coming fast and some happy as the return to school will bring some form of routine back to our busy lives.  Unfortunately, our busy schedules keep us from seeing the real reason behind the long weekend. In 1894 the Canadian government proclaimed the first Monday in September to be a statutory holiday and called it Labour Day. So for well over a hundred years, the parades and celebrations have been a way for the labour movement to come together and continue the fight for fairness and worker’s rights. As the fight continues after all this time, it is important that we carry on these battles for the next generation of workers.

I urge all of our members, young and old to come out on Monday and celebrate our Labour Day. Enjoy the festivities with family, friends and co-workers. Take part in the parade, enjoy the food and refreshments back here at the hall, all while enjoying the music of Stonewall and The Marty Allen Band.

Hope to see you all there.

For more information about Labour Day click here  labour day poster 2018

Happy Labour Day.
Tony Tyminski.
Vice President Unifor Local 199