Niagara Young Workers Meeting



The Niagara Young Workers organized an informal Social Event at Kully’s bar on St Paul Street last night.   About 30 young worker gathered to talk about precarious work in the community and to do some networking. At 58 years of age I didn’t exactly fit the profile of the others in the room, however I must say it was very refreshing to see the fire in their eyes and a passion for progressive change.

Several candidates for the municipal elections were also in attendance.  Greg Miller who is running in the Merritton Ward.  Shannon Mitchell who works in Wayne Gates constancy office is running for School Board Trustee in Niagara Falls and Karrie Porter who is running for city council in St Catharines Ward 4.

I thought the downtown location of the meeting was very appropriate and connects to our long history in St Catharines.  The meeting was within a kilometre from the church that marked the end of the underground railroad, was a few blocks from Carlisle street where our first (UAW) union hall was located and just round the corner from City Hall where the McKinnon’s bylaw was passed.  This 1908 bylaw started the development of an Auto plant on Ontario Street that ultimately created over 10,000 good paying jobs for over 100 years and brought GM to our city.

These events would not have happened without progressive thinking and dedicated individuals that were willing to make personal sacrifice for the collective good for others.   This spirit of the past was very evident in the room last night and gives me hope for the future.

I would like to thank Deepika Kumar and Quinton Ascah for the invitation to attend and wish the aforementioned candidates good luck in the upcoming municipal elections.

Click here to see pictures from the event

In Solidarity,

Peter Scott