Unifor Aboriginal & Workers of Colour Standing Committee has been actively working to advance racial justice and equality in both our workplaces and our communities. Through member and public education, political advocacy, and supporting our partners and allies across Canada, we have worked hard to ensure that equity, anti-racism, and social justice continue to act as the guiding principles of the union.

However, like you, we are gravely concerned about the wave of racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic incidents witnessed across Canada. We know that issues of racism and systemic discrimination have never truly disappeared. Yet, emboldened in part by outspoken right-wing populist leaders, we are seeing an increase in the attacks on Indigenous Peoples, people of colour, and hate crimes based on religion, but as well, organized white supremacist and nationalist groups are re-emerging to spread hatred and violence.

From the shocking deaths of six Canadian men killed in a shooting at a mosque in Quebec City; the murder of Colten Boushie, a young Indigenous man in Saskatchewan; increasing racist harassment and attacks on our city streets; ongoing anti-black racism and racial profiling of youth by police, and watching groups that are actively rallying against immigrants and refugees, we know these are issues that impact not only Aboriginal and Workers of Colour, but everyone from coast to coast to coast.

In light of these events, this year’s conference will engage Aboriginal and Workers of Colour in Unifor in an open discussion about the role of our union in combatting racism to discuss how we can forge better alliances with activists and organizations that are already leading the fight against racial and religious intolerance.

Recognizing that we must, as a group, have concrete strategies and tools to fight back and to seek true reconciliation, this year’s conference theme Resistance, Reckoning and Reconciliation: Changing the World Through Activism”.

Join us, to engage in creative workshops, cultural activities, networking opportunities and challenging discussion about reconciliation and justice in our workplaces, and our union.  We will also hear an update from the Equity Audit Report Advisory Panel and the recommendations to be sent to the Canadian Council this August.

The conference will provide a safe space for members to share strategies and skills, and solidify confidence to continue the fight for justice in the workplaces and in the communities.

Last year we had close to two hundred participants and it’s our hope, that with your help, we will have many more in attendance this June. Our union’s commitment to the principles of human rights and equality can only be met with the enthusiastic participation and involvement of our leadership and activists. Please ensure women and young Aboriginal & Workers of Colour activists are in your delegation.

Please make every effort to send delegates (leadership, political activists and benefit representatives) to this important conference.

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Reservation and Childcare Deadline are both May 14, 2018.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the conference.

Thank you,

In Solidarity / En toute solidarité,


Christine Maclin

Unifor Human Rights Director

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