GM Pension – Credited Service Issue

On-going disputes with GM regarding credited service adjustments. The National Union has asked that local unions set up a link on our website regarding the ongoing dispute with GM over pension credited service.  Members at the GM unit can read the National unions Union’s submission to the Ontario Government, as well as GM’s response to the government. The National Union has set up a web page the content is below followed by the direct link to the National Website. Link to national Website GM Pension

Reminder, we have scheduled a Planning For Your Future (Pre Retirement) Seminar on April 14th 2018, Any members who would like to attend should register ASAP spouses are welcome. This is the last call for this course, the next course shceduled will probably be scheduled in September/October 2018.

Rob Acker,
GM pension Rep, Local 199 St Cathariens


From National Union

This information is intended for Unifor Locals 199, 222 and 636 members and retirees from GM in Ontario, who are also members or retirees of the GM Canadian hourly pension, to provide information on the status of matters surrounding the pension plan. For your background information several documents are linked and available on this page. Each document can be viewed by clicking on the bolded text below.

Background on the issue

Following the conclusion of collective bargaining in 2016 and the finalization of the collective agreement and ancillary documents including the Supplemental Agreement covering Pension Plan Exhibit A in the Fall of 2016, the Union was informed that several matters concerning pension entitlements had come to GM’s attention. At no time prior to that disclosure was the Union aware or provided any notice of any systemic review of individual credited service in the pension records held by GM.

Presently, the Union is aware of at least 828 plan beneficiaries (active members; deferred, retirees or surviving spouses) contacted by GM and advised that there was or would be an adjustment to the plan beneficiaries’ credited service and/or pension in payment in consequence of these audits and review.  GM did not provide any substantive explanation for how the Company as plan administrator came to breach its duty of care in the first instance.  GM has also not advised members of any dispute resolution process by which any purported discrepancy could be contested or appealed by the plan beneficiaries.

It is the position of the National Union that any unilateral reduction in credited service by GM is inconsistent with the official plan text as registered with FSCO and the provisions of plan should be upheld, including the right of members and retirees to review and appeal any changes.  To defend the rights of members and advocate for equitable and fair as well as non-discriminatory treatment, Unifor submitted a formal appeal to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

We are still awaiting a decision from the FSCO.

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Link To GM Pension Rep Reports, By Rob Acker