The deadline for Tuition assistance refunds for the year 2017 is on or before March 31st 2018.  Tuition refund application forms and supporting documentation must be submitted by this date. If you need assistance contact the benefit rep. Application forms can be ordered from the GM Benefit Centre.

Tuition Assistance, Dependant

Dependants of GM members who are entering post secondary education can apply for dependant tuition assistance funding. The amount of the yearly benefit is $1,300. The tuition assistance is a taxable benefit for the recipient (the student) but are paid directly to the employee. Application forms are available from the GM benefit Centre 1-877-442-4625. You will need a user name and ID if you don’t have one you should set one up as you will need it..

We recommend ordering forms and keeping them on file for when you need them. . Important Notice GM Employees. General Motors Tuition Refund applications must be received by GM Benefit Centre (Hewitt) on or before March 31st  for the previous calendar year. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Lawrence Robson 905-641-6444. When you receive the Tuition Assistance forms and you need any assistance with completing the forms.

1-877-442-4625 benefit Centre

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(Please note there are other Bursaries Available to our members  Unifor has (25) Unifor bursaries that are awarded to sons/daughters of Unifor members in good standing entering their first year of post secondary education (i.e. university, community college, technological institute, teachers’ college, nursing school, etc.) One bursary will be available for a Unifor member with at least one year seniority attending their first year of post secondary education. These are entrance bursary’s and are not renewable for students entering subsequent years of study. To learn more about Unifor bursaries, click on the following link. Scholarships from Unifor



Lawrence Robson. 905-641-6444