Unifor’s Disaffiliation From The CLC

Dear Sister’s and Brother’s

Regarding Unifor’s decision to disaffiliate with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), the dispute is about the governance of the CLC and its failure to prevent attacks on workers from their U.S. based unions. The CLC has rules set in place to ensure workers have democratic rights, and the Canadian members of U.S. unions have clear sovereignty. This unfortunately is not being followed or respected. Unifor is deeply concerned with U.S. based unions infringing on the rights of workers, therefore the decision was made to disaffiliate.

This was a difficult decision, however Unifor is opposed to any union that threatens, harasses, intimidates, or silences workers for simply voicing their democratic rights and autonomy. When workers turned to the CLC for support, they have been met by silence, despite Article 26 of the CLC constitution that is suppose to protect the rights of workers in Canada who are members of U.S. based unions. Unifor will no longer stand by and be silent or to allow this to continue. Unifor’s desire for immediate change to defend workers in Canada from U.S. based oppressors, our union made a decision it will no longer participate in the CLC.

In solidarity,

Greg Brady, President
Local 199, 124 Bunting Rd., St. Catharines, ON   L2P 3G5
905-682-2611, ext. 225     cell :  905-933-5256