Presidents Report 2017

Presidents Report, December 22nd 2017

Year In Review


2017 was a busy year around the local.  Eleven of our units were at the bargaining table and we successfully negotiated new agreements with one exception the membership at Pleasant Manor rejected the agreement so we are heading to conciliation to get a resolve.  In 2018, three units are scheduled to start negotiations, City of Welland, Iafrate Machine Works, and Securitas.  I must thank the National Reps Doug Orr, Matt Root and the Bargaining Committees, without their ongoing support and hard work it would be impossible to negotiate good agreements.


Earlier in 2017 we had several vacancies on our Executive board due to retirements and appointments to the national Coordinator’s positions which resulted in a by-election for the vacant positions.  Tony Tyminski, Jordan Lennox, Lori Gaboury and Steve McMullen were all elected and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Board.

National Campaigns

Unifor local 199 sent elected delegates to the Canadian labour Congress, Ontario Federation of Labour Conference, Unifor Canadian Council, and the Ontario Regional Council in 2017.    It is important that we attend these conventions to stay current and engaged in the issues that affect Canadian workers.  Many crucial topics were discussed, but none more important than Pharmacare. As Canadians we must all rally and join the CLC to ensure ALL Canadians have access to a Pharmacare program. No Canadian regardless of their age should have to go without medication just because they cannot afford it. Think of the benefits a national Pharmacare Program could offer to working Canadians, and their employers.  The savings to benefit costs and to the GM healthcare trust fund could be significant. The changes to the Minimum wage and labour Laws were the result of years of hard work lobbying the government. What we learned from this success is that changes in legislation can be made and benefit all Canadian families.  If we can keep the pressure on all politicians Universal Pharmacare can be won.

Community Spirit


Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 1.20.27 PM

The past few months our members once again dug deep and made significant donations at the plant gate, Labour Day raffle and on Tooney Tuesday.   This year members at GM raised over $5,000, Tooney Tuesday another $2,300, Labour Day Draw another $1,730, standing committees also kicked in with a clothing drive and a cash donation to RAFT.   The Unifor National Social Justice Fund also provided $9,500.  Recognising that our members come from different communities in Niagara the funds collected were donated to organisations across the peninsula. here is a list of these organisations.

  • Community Care,
  • Project Share,
  • The Hope Centre
  • Port Cares
  • Native Centre
  • Alzheimer’s Society
  • Womens Place
  • West Niagara Second Stage Housing & Counselling
  • YWCA
  • Salvation Army
  • Gillian Place
  • RAFT youth program

Total donations including the social justice funding was approximately $19,000.  These funds will make a tremendous difference.  We helped put food on the table for families at Christmas, purchase Christmas gifts for Children, collect clothes for teenagers and put roofs over the heads of homeless families.  The outpouring of support and generosity makes us very proud of our entire membership.   Images from the all presentations are at the following link

On behalf of the Unifor Local 199 Executive Board I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year.  

In  solidarity,
Greg Brady, President Unifor Local 199