Trans Day of Remembrance

Trans Day of Remembrance

November 20, 2017, Unifor unites with a growing movement around the world in acknowledging November 20 as the Trans Day of Remembrance (TDOR). This is a day to come together to recognise those whose lives have been taken due to due to anti-trans violence. We mourn the lives lost and stand alongside trans members and their families as they seek to live with the dignity, safety and freedom that we all need and deserve. Trans rights are human rights. No person should be subject to discrimination, intimidation or violence because of their gender expression or identity.

As a result of systemic violence and discrimination, trans people face higher rates of murder, physical and sexual assault, harassment and homelessness. These realities are influenced and compounded by discrimination on the job and in hiring practices, and are felt most acutely by trans women of colour, trans Indigenous women and two-spirit people. Unifor calls on all members to stop violence against transgender people, build caring communities and a more inclusive union. Taking action to end this violence is our shared responsibility. Unifor encourages members to participate in the following three ways:

  1. Attend a vigil on November 20 and say their names. Many TDOR vigils include the reading of the names of people lost to anti-trans violence. This is an important memorial to victims around the world.
  2. Include a moment of silence for murdered transgender people at your next union event or meeting. Take time to pause and recognise those that have been taken by this violence, and commit to continue to work against it as a union.
  3. Support trans people in your union and community. Print and share the “6 ways you can be an ally” poster. Read and follow the steps to end hate and stop transphobia.

The work to stop violence against trans people belongs to everyone. Be a part of the movement to protect trans people and children.
Unifor invites all trans and gender-nonconforming members to become involved in their locals and union.

6 ways to be an ally for trans

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