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August 7th 2017, Last week Mark Roy and Donna Higham were both appointed to National Union positions I would like to congratulate them both for this accomplishment.  Donna served the membership as the GM Equity Rep for the past nine years and has done an excellent job,  Donna we will all miss you.    I have worked with Mark Roy as his alternate benefit rep and I personally want to thank Mark for all his advice and support over the past year.  Mark you have been unselfish in passing down your knowledge and answering all my questions. You have given me the knowledge I need to represent the membership as their Benefits Rep.

To the membership, I want to let you know I have an excellent understanding of the GM benefits and if you have any questions please call me.   Far to often I see members accepting advice from other members who do not fully understand our benefit package or the application process.  Subsequently members don’t get refunds or delay the refund process.  We all have unique situations, it’s best to contact your Benefits Rep with your Benefits questions, after all  that is what I am here for.  If you have any questions please call or stop in to see me,  if I don’t know the answer I will find out and get back to you as soon as I can..

Any members who need help with their GM benefits can contact me at 905-641-6444 or you can have your G/L put in a call for me. Also don’t forget you can read more about you benefit coverage on our Local Union Website, CLICK HERE  GM Benefits Page  which I will keep up to date.

In Solidarity

Lawrence Robson
GM Benefit Rep